10 Impressive WordPress Video Player Plugins

Here comes our list of top 10 video player plugins for WordPress:

1. WordPress Video Player

Spider Video Player allows easy addition of videos to your website. You can easily organize videos into playlists and choose the preferred layout for the player. It supports Flash and HTML5 and you can also add thumbnails to each video in the WordPress Video Player. You can have multiple playlists for each video player.

Cost: Free

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2. Stream Video Player

It is your one-stop solution for high quality video publishing for web or iOS. It is fully responsive and comes with an easy to use tag generator in the editor. It supports viewing on iOS and android and has support for YouTube and Pseudo-Streaming.

Cost: Free

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3. WordPress Video Gallery

This plugin comes with a whole set of features and options that make it versatile. It is very easy to install these plugins and get quickly visible options like recent videos, popular videos, and featured videos. It offers you the ability to control the number and order of videos from back end.

Cost: Free

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4. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

This premium plugin offers you loads of choices and is iPhone/iPad compatible. It is easy to install and comes with backup database/import, export feature. You can choose from more than five skins and can also generate your own skins with your own colors in the Design Center.

Cost: $15 for regular license


5. TubePress

This is an excellent choice of plugin for displaying modern video gallery on your website. it is simple to use, comes with lots of features and is available for free download.

Cost: Free

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6. JW Player for flash and HTML5 video

This useful plugin allows you to embed Flash and HTML5 audio and video, on your site. It is extremely easy to use plugin and allows for easy customization and embedding of Flash and HTML5 videos. The basic version is available free while the pro edition supports easy to use player configuration interface.

Cost: Free

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7. Cool Video Gallery

This video gallery plugin for WordPress comes with the option to upload videos including YouTube videos and manage them in multiple galleries. It features lot many options and features such as option to set width/height of preview images uploaded, option to add title/description for galleries, playback feature for videos uploaded in a popup and more.

Cost: Free

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8. YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus

YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus plugin enhances the YouTube videos you embed in your WordPress site. It can provide you and your visitors with many features such as auto HD, cropping, instant replay, video reactions, timed annotations, and more.

Cost: Free

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9. YouTube SimpleGallery

When you want to create beautiful galleries with videos from YouTube and Vimeo, it is just the right plugin for you. It helps you create video gallery with thumbnails and it automatically fetches both thumbnails and titles from YouTube/Vimeo.

Cost: Free

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10. HTML5 Video Player WordPress Plugin

This responsive designed premium plugin is in great demand. It supports full screen, having all controllers usable in full screen mode. It supports MP4 and .WEBM video files and you can insert the player multiple times in the same page with same skin or using a different skin. Also, you have complete sound control.

Cost: $20 for regular license


The Final Words

The range of video plugins out there is wide and impressive. We have picked out the ten best ones and presented them in a list along with their download link.

If you realize that other useful ones have missed, let us know in the comments.
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