10 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media

Social media is an impressive marketing tool. But when used the wrong way, it can have significant negative impact on your brand. Let’s be honest: social media is still confusing many businesses. So, here we talk about the top 10 mistakes businesses make in the field of social media and how to avoid them.

Delete "MISTAKE"

1. Ignoring Social Media
The first and foremost mistake by businesses is to ignore the impact of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and more offer valuable opportunities to connect with fans and promote their products.

The remedy: Create complete and professional profiles on social networking websites with same or similar business name.

2. No Social Media Strategy
Businesses are on Facebook, Twitter and Google + without knowing why they are using them. For many, it’s like having a Facebook Page but don’t know what to do with it.

The remedy: It’s vital that you get into social media with understanding that it’s a tool to connect with your audience. Know your social media goals and then start using social media to achieve them.

3. Expecting Immediate Results
Here comes one of the most common social media mistake. A lot of brands get on social media to getting more and more likes to equalize likes with sales. The truth is, probably not. Likes don’t equal sales, and are not the end of game.

The remedy: Success from social media takes time. You need to grow your community and build trust before a call—to-action.

4. Not Utilizing Circles On Google+
Google+ comes with an invaluable feature of using Circles to segment your audience. No using Circles is a common mistake made by even the big brands of the industry.

The remedy: Use circles, create more targeted posts and allow your audience to speak directly to specific groups.

5. One-Way Communication
You are not on social media networks to blast your messages. The purpose of social media is – being “social.” Ask yourself how often do you reply to your posts, comments or messages on social media? How often you acknowledge a post?

The remedy: Social media is a two-way street. For every comment on Facebook, for every mention on Twitter or other engagements on social media sites, REPLY.


6. No Regular Posts
Remember when you last posted something on social networks. Probably, it was something 2 months ago or so. This sends a very bad impression on your existing and potential fans or followers.

The remedy: Social media entails a daily commitment both to your brand and fans. Be consistent both in terms of voice and content – to make the most of your influence.

7. Focusing On Selling
They are social platforms, and not selling platforms! People join them to converse, and learn about the world.

The remedy: The aim of your posts is to provide value to your fans and NOT selling. Provide useful, informative content that your targeted audience is interested in.

8. Fail To Create Incentives
Businesses do not come up with actions that encourage audience to visit their website. They do not create excitement and interesting features to keep attracting the targeted segment.

The remedy: Make your fans feel special. If you want to give away something, hold a contest on Facebook, respecting the terms and conditions.

9. Unprofessional Responses
While some business try to interact with customers very casually. Although social media is a fun and free form of communication, but unprofessional responses hinder your business growth.

The remedy: Make sure that the replies maintain a certain level of professionalism and do not hurt the sentiments of your fans.

10. Using Irrelevant Hashtags On Twitter
Over-hashtagging on Twitter is complicating the marketing strategies and dilutes the validity of lead generation.

The remedy: Instead of using trending hastags, think about why it is you want to use a hashtag.

Your Thoughts

Is your business committing any of the above social media mistakes? Well, it’s never late to start making changes.
Would you like to add more to this list? Comment below!