10 Most Popular Forms of Content for Lead Generation

In 2014, content is important more than ever. With Google latest updates, low-quality content stuffed with keywords is not finding any place in the search engine results. Content marketing is the area you need to explore to achieve online success. There are several types of content that you can use for your business firm. Here’s a list of the top forms of content that works to drive traffic to your business:

  1. Infographics

    Infographics are a new and creative way to attract and educate readers about your products. It needs to stand independently and thus, should include a title, a short description of the information, credit the designers, and the URL back to the original article. They serve as great trump cards in the pockets of content creators to get prospects and leads for the products or services.

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  2. How-To Guides

    How-to guides draw readers in and give you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. You can use how-to guides covering wide range of subject areas such as some specific tips, learning a new skills, or showing how to complete a project. Discuss each step of the topic and make sure that you summarize the discussion properly along with providing a conclusion.

  3. Videos

    Including videos as a part of your content marketing strategy is a great way to draw attention from the readers. Videos are a good way to demonstrate the use of your product or services. For interviews, demonstrations, how-to guides or any other content which you want to communicate can be easily done with the help of videos.

  4. Memes

    Memes are ideas or actions that spread as a mimicry. These are fun, catchy and can work as a great tool to establish your brand’s personality. They go viral over the internet in a short time frame. Take some time to familiarize yourself with memes circulating the internet. Memes form an excellent form of content that can be easily shared at Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

  5. Testimonials

    Testimonials are a proof of your company’s value. When people are tweeting positively about your company, you can show it off on your website. Whether they are reviewing your products on Facebook, Twitter or website blog, they should be embedded on your website to let your prospective clients know the worth of your business.

  6. Case studies

    Case studies are a perfect way to demonstrate what you can offer to the clients. It is a proven way for lead generation as the clients get a clear view of how you’ve helped others as a testament of your services. They can see others as an example of how you can help them in the similar manner.

  7. Podcasts

    Podcasts, both audio and video, are great form of content that helps you drag traffic to your websites. With prevalence of smartphones and laptops, people listen to podcasts while driving car or riding the train or doing chores. Podcasts are hosted on iTunes and can be linked to directly from your website or blog. You can also choose to include additional calls-to-action.


  8. SlideShare presentations

    Easy to create, SlideShare presentations are an exciting way to turn your readers into customers. SlideShare is a great method of sharing presentations that contain useful information for your prospective clients. It is very easy to create an account for your business on the website, upload your slides and then share them with your networks and on your site.

  9. Ebooks

    eBooks offers many advantages as they allow you to share an in-depth information about your company’s unique brand personality to the customers. Ebooks are downloadable products, often available for free in exchange for joining a mailing list. You need to produce enough content to make it worthy for readers. Ebooks with graphics, good formatting are not worth reading.

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  10. Original Data

    Original data is a great form of awesome content. Publishing original data and a resource helps you to stay ahead of the trends in the industry. You have to do the research and invest time in finding out some really useful data and then present in an engaging way.


There are plenty of content options and you can use the ones that most fit your business needs. The more shareable content you have, the more strong is your content marketing strategy.

What other types of content do you think businesses should be using? Which is your favorite type of content and why? Share with views with us.lead generationlead generation