10 Proven Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging site that has attracted users for all genres including big-time celebrities, renowned brands and as a medium to keep in touch with friends, and fan base. Twitter offers a huge potential to enhance your business online and to get the most out of your Twitter account, we share useful tips and suggestions that help to enhance your followers. These tips help you to build and audience, and presence on Twitter.

Top 10 Ways to get more Twitter followers:

  1. Create an effective bio

    Unless you’re already an established firm, creating an effective profile bio is a good way to attract followers. Come up with some unique and distinctive bio and also include link to your blog landing page or it can be Facebook page. You can also find a famous quote to include in your bio.

  2. Create content that’s worth sharing

    If you want people to follow you, you need to publish some really good content. You should try to include the trending topics in your tweets to attract customers. Make sure that your content is worth sharing. The better the content is, the more followers you’ll gain.
    Tips for composing attractive tweets:

    • Be interesting and provocative
    • Post interesting links
    • Add variety of your tweets
    • Post pictures and also include sound clips
  3. Comment on relevant news

    It’s important to remain consistently active on Twitter. No one wants to follow someone who never tweets. You should comment on relevant news, trending topics, and various other happenings on Twitter. One good way to get noticed is to send message like “@message” to top users of Twitter. You can send @messages to anyone you want, and it doesn’t matter whether you follow them or not, or they follow you or not.


  4. Advertise on Twitter

    Advertising on Twitter is a good way of promoting yourself. This method gives you a slightly different way to get your message across the targeted class segment. Promoting your profile will help you grow your following directly. Advertising helps you get enhanced exposure for yourself.

  5. Run a contest

    Running a contest has proven beneficial to attract new followers. You can offer a good prize related to your brand. You can also choose to have multiple level prizes like a grand prize, and 3-5 mid-level prizes and many small prizes. Make sure you set a hashtag for your contest and include it every tweet about your contest.

  6. Ask questions

    To engage people, you can pose questions to them. Throw some interesting questions on your Twitter about trending topics such as asking people about latest favorite movie, or opinion about a movie/event or something like this. Asking simple questions could generate hundreds of responses from your followers.

  7. Post pictures

    Including pictures in your tweets have shown excellent results in terms of dragging traffic to the website. Picture speaks louder than words and everyone likes to look at pictures. You can use applications like Tweetie to upload pictures while on-the-go.

  8. Link your account

    It’s not sufficient to have a Twitter account; you also need to promote your account. If you have accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Digg, you should include your Twitter information on these platforms as well. You can direct people to your Twitter account by using “Follow me” links on your blog, e-mail, and across the web.

  9. Use hashtags

    With use of hashtags, you can conveniently connect to people with similar interests to increase the visibility of your tweets. Pick up relevant hashtags that can add to the quality of your tweet. Add hashtags to your tweets maximize your tweet’s exposure.

  10. Retweet the right stuff

    Celebrities, industry leaders and renowned persons with large number of followers love getting retweets. But, make sure that you retweet content that would seem interesting to your readers. Also, avoid retweeting too old content. This social networking site is about relevance and retweeting is a great way to capitalize on ongoing conversations.


There are loads of methods to enhance your Twitter followers. The above listed ones are the most successful ones. Always remember that quality is more than important than quantity. Having 1000s of irrelevant followers are not that useful as 10 relevant followers who often talk with you.
Which methods do you use to increase followers? Share your thoughts with us.

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