10 Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On Twitter

We live in a socially connected world where people are interested in knowing others’ views. Twitter needs no introduction. If you run a business and aren’t using Twitter, you are missing out something very important. Twitter has changed consumers from silent, invisible individuals to noisy and informed consumers. There are millions of Twitter-addicts, and the number of active users has increased by 900% in the past year.

So, if your business is not yet using Twitter you are missing a golden opportunity to enhance brand awareness. Here, we talk about the reasons as to why every business needs to be on Twitter?


1. Engaging With Your Customers
Publicly acknowledging praise from your customers is a great way to show the world that you are concerned about your customers. Twitter has become a daily routine where your customers share their opinions. Twitter also gives you the opportunity to get to know what your customers like or dislike about your company, what suggestions they have for improvement, what are their expectations and lots more. In a nutshell, it’s a best platform to engage with your current and potential customers.


2. Everybody is here
From the guy who runs the convenience store to lots of big companies like Dell, Microsoft; everyone is on Twitter. So, if you have succeeded gaining some popularity on Twitter, the opportunities for business growth are immense. Send a direct message to someone of interest and retweet their messages.

3. Proven way to gain popularity
Worried about making a mark in the online world? Here comes an easy solution. Twitter is a great way to pitch exclusives and breaking news. You don’t have a big brand but you can brand yourself easily on Twitter. If your company is not recognized, then you need to get a personal account as everyone wants to connect with a person.

4. It’s free
Alright, it’s not directly free, you need a broadband connection. But, Twitter is entirely free and the fastest way to build a list of prospects. You can instantly let your customers know your news; whether it’s about a new product, service or some event they may be interested in.

5. Twitter is unique
Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm sends each post to some of your fans. Unlike Facebook, each and every tweet goes to all of your followers. Tweets are easy to create and are more powerful in delivering your message across your fans within seconds. As your tweet is limited to 140 characters, you need to get to the point with relevant and polite conversation.

6. Post updates about new deals and coupons
You can also tweet about coupon codes to give your company an extra boost. If you run a salon and have build loyal followers you can send out tweet like “Give yourself a new look with makeover voucher” or “Get 30% discount on all salon services” or something like that.

7. Brand loyalty
After all, it’s the brand loyalty that matters and Twitter is a great way to build a loyal brand for your business. It can help you increase sales and make PROFIT.

8. Twitter – a great networking tool
When you follow Twitter user, be selective about whom you follow. Pay attention to your follow choices and prioritize your followers by starting with your customers, business partners, peers, professional organizations and your professional network. So, take the opportunity to talk to oodles of people and get connected with the right audience.

9. Drive Traffic to Your Website
Twitter is an incredible tool for driving traffic to your website. Make sure you shorten your web address using a URL shortener as space is at a premium in tweet. The more web traffic you get and therefore more likely to increase sales.

10. It’s the future
Obviously, you don’t want your business to left behind right? This wave of Twitter marketing is here to stay. Done right, Twitter can lead to massive exposure for your business. Start tweeting today!