11 Tips for Writing an Excellent Email Subject Line

Does your inbox has unread emails? How many are they? 400? 1000? Or maybe, you are on a countless mailing lists? We got tons of emails each day, and a lot of them are never opened. The chances of your email getting ignored are high – unless you have an interesting and exciting subject line.

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Tips for writing subject line of an email:

1. Simple email subject lines

Please do not include any nonsense in your email subject line. It needs to be clear and concise. The short, descriptive subject lines are far better than chessy lures.

2. Write subject line first

One of the top mistakes that people make is forgetting to write a subject line. An email with a blank subject is most likely to get lost in the cluttered inbox. So the essentiality is to include a subject line before the email.

3. Keep it short and concise

Don’t write long subject lines. Those emails are never read. Make a short and simple subject line with approximately six to eight words. That’s it!

4. Personalize it but differently

Earlier, including the recipient’s name in the subject line had a lot of value but the spamming community seized the opportunity and created problems for rest of us. Every spam message usually starts with my name or my email address.

Instead, personalize the subject line to make customers realize that you provide relevant details to them. For example, a person owns Nokia mobile set. If Nokia were to send an email announcing software update, it could personalize using the content, instead of using his name. It can be something like new software update from Nokia etc.

5. Use important words first

With an alarming rate of users reading emails on mobile phones, placing most important words at the beginning is a good way to increase the likelihood of your email getting read by the user.

6. Be specific

For subject line, you need to include just the required words. The subject line must clearly communicate what the email is all about. Identify the target audience and make subject lines that clearly and specifically mention about the topic of your email.

7. Avoid use of filler words

Don’t waste the precious space of your subject line with words like “hello”, “thanks” etc. These of course can be included in the body of an email but avoid them using in the subject line.

8. Highlight the value you offer

Your email subject line should indicate value and communicate about what you’re going to offer to the members in your mailing list. Like if you are providing a discount, or a free service, or some useful information, make it clear in the subject line.

9. Make your subject line complete

It’s quite annoying for a reader where the subject line is incomplete and the reader is forced to open the email. As clarity and being respectful of the recipient’s time is the goal, this method is usually not very helpful.

10. Don’t forget to re-read the subject line

You are going to send email to a large number of people, do not forget to tailor the subject line for the readers and re-read it before you hit send.

11. Do not capitalize the entire email subject line

Using all caps may fulfill your aim of getting viewer’s attention, but in the negative manner. Instead of using ALL CAPS, use dashes or colons to separate thoughts. Also, avoid making use of special characters like exclamation points.


Working on email subject lines will help you a lot in increasing your email open rates. There are also some things that you should take into consideration such as the email is viewable in right font and colors, time of sending email is correct and the quality of your email list you match the targeted audience expectations.

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