12 Effective Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back To Your Website

Now that you have created a well-designed website; the next question is: how do you get people to visit again and again? How to keep customers coming back to buy from you again and again? After all what is a website worth if it does not have any traffic.

The challenge is how to make visitors reminded of your services?

Let’s begin!

1. Share fresh and interesting content
When visitors of your website know that the site is regularly updated with interesting content, they’ll come back over and over to see what the latest is. Share helpful information with your visitors in a variety of formats in fun and interest ways!

2. Speak directly to your customers
When answering the queries of your customers, remember to speak the language of your prospects and customers. Put your message across in simple to understand words.

3. Run short-term special offers
Internet users love bargains and discounts. Get creative with your specials and offer special deals to users who sign up at your website for the first time. You can also run short-term discounts to capture attention and motivate them to act.

4. Website performance makes a significant difference
Do you realize that a couple of seconds can make a difference? Yes, an online shopper expects a web page to load in just two seconds. Poor website performance is an important reason why people are dissatisfied while shopping online. It’s common for prospects to switch to a competitor owing to bad website performance.


5. Send out an e-mail newsletter
This is a popular and very effective tool to keep your customers engaged and reminded of your services. Focus on building a high quality list of targeted readers and send out informative newsletters to them on a regular basis. Remember, DON’T SELL your products or services, but become a trusted resource for information they’re interested in learning about.

6. Dynamic and responsive design
Website visitors expect the same experience on their mobile devices as on desktops. Responsive web design is a good way to keep your customers focused on your website. Also, you can come up with visual element that can be updated periodically on your site. Adding good infographics to your website is an excellent way to resonate with your audience.

7. Adding videos
Video content of your products or services is considered as an effective solution to show off your creations. You can create decent videos with good sound and quality content. This video may include stories about how your business has evolved, or uses of your products and other similar information.

8. Know your target segment
Keep a track over the statistics and behavior patterns of your customers to get a better insight about their interests. Website usage statistics is a good way to understand how people come to your website? An understanding of their needs is a proven way to ensure that the marketing efforts are moving in the right direction.


9. Setup a referral program
You can send your referral program letter to customers who are already fans to recommend you. Let your existing customers know that you’re creating a referral program and inform them about their incentive – say, a discount on next order or a gift for every referral.

10. Go an extra mile
Customers always look for the best value for their money. You must make sure that the customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. Go an extra mile and work to exceed their expectations. Remember, Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

11. Presence on social media
Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are a good way to staying in touch with your customers. Many of the times they don’t know about the offers that you run but by including them at social networks, your followers and fans regularly check your website for any new offers that you may have.

12. Other features
Here’s a small list of things you can do to engage users:

• Write website content in a conversational tone.
• Make navigation easy and break your information into short pages.
• Communicate complex information using videos
• Add testimonials to your website
• Make easy to scan content with right subheads.
• Eliminate site distracting features


What customer retention strategies you use and would recommend? Let us know by leaving a comment below!