12 Elements Of A Perfect Checkout Page

If you can’t make a sale, your high website traffic will not matter. After all, it’s about conversions. Checkout page is one of those pages that play a significant role to complete the sales while generating trust in users. It’s an important part of your overall marketing campaign. Spend a little time fine tuning your checkout process and you’

So, what are the things that make a checkout page perfect?

1. Clear and complete information
One of the most common factors that cause trouble to visitors is delivery charges and the delivery date is not readily available. Shopping cart page is a good place to give this information. Users when find hassles in finding clear details about the purchase often leave the site.

2. Direct call to action
You should have a direct Call to Action that stands out in the layout of webpage. Use a color that haven’t already used in the design for CTA. The size of button and its shape should be right to give people right direction. The shape of your CTA will give people a sense of forward movement.

3. Remove mess
Checkout page’s purpose is successful conversion of leads into sales. So, remove as much clutter and mess as possible that distract the users from the main goal. It should be a clean page with adequate information.

4. Feeling of security
You should not assume that all users are familiar with the secure solutions you use in your store. Highlight the fact that it’s a secure and safe process to continue shopping with you. If you have

5. Form filling
Customers visit your website to shop and not to fill unwanted forms. Registration is done during the checkout process and not before that. Don’t require registration to shop. Sign-up forms can act as a barrier in your efforts of successful sales.

6. Allow customers to modify the order
It’s very common that wrong products are placed into the shopping basket or that they change their minds. Give an option to customers to modify orders during the checkout process. Provide a “Remove” link or “Delete this item” button to ensure order modification is quick.

7. Provide photos and links for their chosen products
Your customers will need to review their shopping cart before the final payment. Add pictures and product specifications to help your visitors to quickly scan over the basket.

8. Payment options
Give your users a plenty of choices for making payments. Some are comfortable in giving their debit/credit card information while others prefer to use PayPal account, yet others prefer to pay on delivery. So, identify the payment methods preferred by your users and offer them.

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9. Provide a progress bar
Checkout is a multi-step process. You can include the several pages that need to complete before the order is complete. List all the steps such as Sign In, Billing and Shipping, Payment, Verify.


10. Complete details about delivery times
Make sure that you provide accurate and complete details about when customers can expect to receive their products. Make sure the dates shown are as early as possible.

11. Finalize the order
After the customer has completed the order and clicked the last button, finalize order with a “Thank You” note. This is just being polite and your customers will appreciate the kind words.

12. Send confirmation email
Checkout process is just not complete without sending a confirmation email with details of order to your customers. This is an important part of the overall checkout process and ensures customers that the order has been rightly placed.

Up to you

Your checkout page needs as much attention as the rest of your website. It is the page where the actual sales occur and you should make sure that it’s a perfect one.

What do you think after creation of a checkout page? Share your views with us.

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