12 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Fan Page

Have you wondered how some brands seem to dramatically grow their fan following while others, with similar content strategy are lagging far behind?

Facebook has the widest reach with over a billion users worldwide. If you put your time and efforts towards Facebook, you’re opening the door to IMMENSE OPPORTUNITIES.

Let’s talk about some useful tips that help you gain popularity on this world’s largest social networking platform.

1) Complete Your Business Page Profile
This is the very first thing you need to do. Your Facebook page is the first thing people see when they visit you. Make sure that it has a catchy description along with complete details about address, phone number and hours of operation.

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2) Ask Questions
Questions are a good way to start conversation with fans. It is probably the easiest way to get response to your posts. You can mix-match various types of questions such as specific questions, yes or no, true or false, timely, direct and more. You can also ask about favorite moment from the show held last night and similar ones.

3) Post At The Right Time
When it comes to social networks, Timing is extremely important. You must post relevant and latest information at the right time of the day. Updating when your posts when everyone is at work or they are sleeping is certainly not a good idea.

4) Less Is More
Overly long messages lessen engagement rates. Posts will less than 80 characters get more interaction by the fans. Test different lengths to see what works best for you. And messages that don’t cut off, “read more” links make much easier for people to read and respond.

5) Express With Emoticons
Something as simple as a smiley face emoticon in your post can increases likes, shares and comments by many times. Also, quotes are more likely to get likes and shares.

6) Run A Facebook Contest
Contests are a good way to increase Facebook engagement as it creates excitement among the fans and they visit your Facebook page frequently to check the latest updates and if they have won. A contest would get you more likes and comments.

7) Interactive Facebook Posts
Likes are easier to get as compared to comments. Facebook engagement is dependent on the likes, comments, shares and clicks. Once you begin to post action-worthy content, your reach will increase and everything you do will begin to boost your brand authority.

8) Photos
It’s rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photos are a popular way to build engagement as they stand better than status updates or posted links. Include both large photos with descriptions as well as smaller ones with linked articles.

9) Facebook Ads
Facebook ads – a good way to increase Facebook likes. An excellent benefit of Facebook ads is that you can target by your community’s interests to find people similar to current fans. You can experiment with different types of ads and find the ones that work best for your business.

10) Be Active
Now that you are familiar with the importance of posting engaging and interactive content, the next question that comes to our mind is how often you should post? As a general rule, at least one status update per day is required. People may unlike you if you don’t post regularly.

11) “Like” Other Company Pages
Engaging with other company pages is a great way to build awareness among like-minded companies and their followers. Finding companies to like is easy. Use Graph search and find places, pages, companies of your interest.

12) Analyze And Learn
Make use of Facebook insights to get insight about your page performance. You can see things like reach, engaged users and new likes. These helpful details make you understand what’s driving you likes and engagement.


What do you think have increased your engagement with customers on Facebook? What strategies have worked best for you? Share with us by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear them!