7 Ways To Generate And Capture Leads Online

Every website owner wants that website should generate leads for the business. You need to make efforts and strategies to ensure that the website generate leads which you can nurture and prospect. Today, we are focusing on the challenge of how to generate leads. This is simply putting the right call to action at the right place in the right place.

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Here are the seven lead capturing mechanisms which you can use for your website or blog. They are also a good way to distribute your eBook.

1) Hello Bar

The Hello Bar is one of the useful lead capturing mechanisms. The Hello Bar situates itself at the top of the page and spans the whole width of site. It is a fantastic way to advertise that you distribute free e-book. Hello Bar provides a subtle way to capture leads on your website.

hello bar

2) Pop-Ups

Pop-ups have always been a proven way of generating conversions and boosting your leads. They are an effective method of getting people onto your list and people have found their conversion rates have raised with use of pop-ups. To get genuine and trustworthy leads, it is important to pay attention to three important elements: Design, Headline, and Timing.

An example of pop-up is shown here:

like us popup

3) Popup Ninja WordPress Plugin

Popup Ninja puts a Popup form on your blog or website at the precise moments when the visitors are most likely to take action and subscribe to what you have to offer. Popup Ninja offers you the simplest way to get your visitors to become your subscribers.


4) Feature box at top of home page

This feature allows you to keep your desire to have people subscribe right up there. Feature Box is a big banner at the top of your homepage and is non-obtrusive. It sits above the fold area and big brands are also using it and sharing their results on how well they are converting visitors for them.

5) Exit pop-ups

Exit pop-ups appear when the visitor is about to leave your website. it serves as a last chance to capture their email address. The pop-up should be simple with some enticing lines of text and a form for visitors to fill their email address.

When you are distributing free eBooks, exit pop-ups are a good way to promote your product and convince people to stay on your website or at least give out the email address.

bounce exchange
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6) Right Sidebar

Right Sidebar is probably the most common way of capturing leads. The opt-in form can be seen on almost all sites aimed at getting subscriptions. They do not distract the visitors from the main content while persuading them to opt in to the offer you are giving away. Right sidebar is also a nice way to use that area on your website and to get some attention if you’re giving something for free such as free eBooks.

7) Slide In Pop-ups

Also known as scroll trigger boxes, Slide-in pop-ups help you capture leads. You can create eye catching marketing messages to grab the audiences’ attention and convert them to your product or service. An excellent benefit of slide in pop-ups is that they are not obtrusive. They sit on the bottom right corner space without blocking you from reading post.

You can use them to capture leads against eBook giveaways.

slide in pop-ups

As you see, it’s not a matter of just creating a form and hoping that people will find it and take the initiative. Lead capture includes a comprehensive approach and is worth the effort.

If you’d like to share a few more ways, please feel free to add them in the comment section below.