8 Creative Ways to Create Shareable Content

Creating content that people love to share across several social media networks is the key to success in today’s competitive online world. You need a strategy to make your content shareable rather than just depending on quality alone. Your content has to be remarkable enough to encourage sharing.

When it comes to creating content, these tips help you in achieving your goal:

1. Create remarkable content

Create the actual content that should be remarkable in some way so that people will want to share. The reason we share any information is to connect. You need to think beyond your brand to appeal to users’ relationships. The content should help you strengthen a personal or professional relationship with the users.

2. Make sharing easy

Sharing your content should be an easy task. Even if they have their own “Pin it” button on their browser’s bookmark toolbar, offering the Pin it button under your images is a good way to remind people that they can share these awesome images. Optimize the opportunities where readers can share your content to broaden your reach.

share content

3. Keep an eye over current events

Find out what’s happening internally and externally, what people are talking about online- and then decide to create content that people are looking for. Spend time each day assessing the current landscape of choices and then deciding what to campaign on. There is always something happening in the news and creating content about current events raise your chances of more shares.

4. Create perfect headlines

Headlines are such a vital aspect that they can make or break the share-ability of a post. You can learn from professionals to get more ideas about creating headlines. One way is to subscribe to top blogs in your niche using Feedly. You can also try topic generator tools like HubSpot’s Topic Generator or Portent’s Content Idea Generator.

5. Keep it classy

While creating content; focus on studies, statistic, infographics, research and actionable content. Your content should provide practical value to the readers. It should provide significant benefit to them so that they’ll pass it along to like-minded individuals and groups.

6. Be passionate

Creating shareable content requires a real passion to deliver something useful to the readers. Readers don’t want an expert who explains things; instead they expect an expert who cares. Your content should have the strength to make a connection with the readers and encourage them enough to share with their peers across social networks.

7. Be helpful

Find a way through your posts to be helpful if you are going to mention something tragic. You should use your content in such a way that directs people to reputable places to donate or some other ways by people can help.

8. Include shareable media

Last not the least, you should look for ways to include shareable media in your posts as well. Like, you can include images plus Pinterest button to bring more visibility to your content. Videos are also highly shareable content.


There are many creative ways that can help you in making your content shareable. We hope that the above ways assist you with your content strategy and you will see an increase in the share-ability of your posts.

In your views, what are the other ways that help to create shareable content? Share your suggestions with us in the comments section below.