8 Great WordPress Plugins for Scheduled Posts

WordPress plugins allow you to easily manage your posts and you can comfortably schedule them as per your needs. You are saved from the work of manually scheduling the publishing of each blog post. WordPress plugins for scheduled posts allow you to better manage your posts exactly in the manner you desire. We have compiled a list of 8 great WordPress plugins that help you in providing more flexibility and power when it comes to scheduling publishing of your posts.

Here is our list:

1) WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Future Posts

This free plugin allows you to republish the missed schedules correctly. This plugin checks and fixes only missed schedule failed future posts scheduled virtual job items and do not decrease server performance. It repairs 10 items in each session, every five minutes. It has been designed for heavy use of scheduled future posts and RSS grabbing.

Cost: Free


2) Post Expirator

This plugin allows users to set expiration dates for both pages and posts. With this plugin, you can configure to delete the post, change it to draft, or update the post categories. The plugin hooks into the WP cron processes and runs every minute by default, but can be configured to use any cron schedule. This plugin is fully compatible with WordPress Multisite Mode.

Cost: free


3) Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post plugin is designed to tweet your older posts to get more traffic and keep them alive. It also helps you to promote your content. Also, you can set time and number of tweets to post to drive more traffic.

Cost: Free


4) MailPoet Newsletters

MailPoet Newsletters creates newsletters, post notifications and autoresponders. It drops your posts, images, and social icons in your newsletter and manages all your subscribers. This is a simple and beautiful newsletter solution for WordPress.

Cost: Free


5) WP To Twitter

This plugin auto-posts a Twitter update when you update your WordPress blog, with your chosen URL shortening service. It posts tweets from WordPress to Twitter with no hassles. There is also a premium version available of this plugin that comes with features like Tweet scheduling, automatic re-tweeting, and more.

Cost: Free
Pro version at $39


6) Drafts Scheduler

It sequentially or randomly schedules all draft posts for posting. This saves you from the hassles of importing or writing a whole bunch of posts in draft status and then posts them all over time. Say goodbye to the manual process of doing this with Drafts Scheduler. You can choose the number of random posts per day, per week or per month.

Cost: Free

7) Auto-schedule posts

This free plugin allows users to separate their writing schedule from publishing. You can write when you want and have posts published at your desired time. It catches posts as they are published and hold them till the previously set criteria are met for proper publication time.

Cost: Free


8) LinkedIn Post Planner/Scheduler

With this premium plugin, you will be able to share on LinkedIn posts from your WordPress website. You can also add a custom comment and image on what you share on your LinkedIn profile. There is also a scheduler that helps you in easily managing your posts.

Cost: $15 for regular license


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