All about Stripe Payment Gateway

There can be n number of reasons when one needs an online payment solution for the website. These solutions come with hassle free collection, automated recurring payments and many more benefits. They even send reminder emails for failed payments. They offer the ease of setup, support and of course flexibility. Stripe is a popular payment gateway that is being used by online retailers and merchants to simplify the payment processes. Stripe payment gateway has been primarily designed for US and Canadian clients. It handles everything from online payments to subscriptions to storing cards and lots more. It also does direct payouts to your bank account.

Stripe for Your Business

With many choices available for payment processing, why should you use Stripe? Stripe allows online retailers to customize the shopping experience of the customers. Unlike other payment gateways, it does not send shoppers to a separate webpage. It operates in the background and offers plenty of security for the information. Stripe Payment API is backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Tesla CEO Elon Musk and many others.

 Stripe Payment Gateway

Benefits of Stripe Payment Gateway:

Transparent Pricing

One of the topmost reasons for considering Stripe payment gateway is that it offers simple and convenient pricing. the pricing is 2.9% + 30 cents per successful transaction. Though the transaction fee is higher than traditional processors but this is offset by having no signup or monthly fee. Yes, there are no signup charges for Stripe. As there is no fixed cost involved, this is a big advantage for every type of business enterprise. This allows limited budget firms to work with Stripe with ease.

Simple Integration

Stripe has support for almost all major eCommerce platforms and almost every WordPress platform. It is easier to integrate it with your cart software as compared to other payment gateways. It is as simple as copying and pasting in your secret keys.

Outstanding Support

Stripe services are backed up by an efficient support. Stripe has made online payment so easy and straightforward that you will not have to worry about anything and everything. It also makes managing chargebacks convenient.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Stripe API payment processor offers you enhanced security along with the convenience of direct payouts to your bank account. With Stripe, one is able to accept credit card payments online without need of any merchant account or gateway. The best part of Stripe is that it operates in the background and thus, helps to build the trust of your online customers.

Stripe Integration Services at CouncilSoft

  • CouncilSoft can help you to integrate Stripe API services into web and mobile applications.
  • We can help you automate the billing processes such as invoice creation, payment authentication etc.

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