An Introduction to Google Local Business Cards

Recently, there has been lot of buzz about Google Local Business Cards. So, what are these? How can they impact your local business? Well, Google is presently experimenting with Business Cards in the search results. Here are the details.

What does Google Local Business Cards Mean?

The business cards will allow local businesses to promote their specific content which will be shared directly from the card carousel and will be displayed near the top of Google search results. The creation of Google Local Business Cards has specifically been aimed at mobile users even though they will display for desktop users as well. For desktop users, these will appear immediately adjacent to a section called as Knowledge Panel. For mobile users, it will be displayed below the Knowledge Panel equivalent.

google local business cards

Local Business Cards Feature

Google is experimenting with Local Business Cards in the search results. Google is doing a new carousel test that features content from local businesses near the top of search results. Right now, it is an experiment involving a “few dozen” local businesses that have been approached by Google. The content is not being drawn from Google My Business or any other feeds. Google has allowed animation/GIFs for the first time on the search results page.

This feature gives local businesses more control over what content comes up in search results. It is for the first time that Google is allowing them to post content directly to the results page. The search carousel makes an eye-catching inclusion to the Google search results page. It helps to create new advertising products with more dynamic search results.

Google Local Business Cards

The feature appears to be significant for local SEO but Google has made no decisions whether Business Cards will be rolled out broadly or whether larger enterprises would be able to participate or not.

You can see for yourself by searching for a healthy choice spa or escape pod comics. You will see the carousel showing animated GIFs in them. Users will be able to directly share from the search results. When they click on image/GIF, they will be taken to a Google Post Page.

Though there’s no official word about Google Local Business Cards availability at a broader level, but this could mean a lot more brand awareness for the local businesses.

What do you think? Google should roll out this feature nationwide for all businesses or not? Would you find Google Local Business Cards content useful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.