An Overview of Twitter’s New Photo Tagging Features

Twitter has recently introduced new photo features for its mobile apps on iPhone and Android. The company announced in a blog post that Twitter mobile users will now be able to tag up to 10 people in photos, and include up to 4 photos in a single tweet without it affecting your 140 character limit. Incredible!


Twitter users have long been able to upload their photos, but they could never tag other users. Previously, you could just mention people from the photo in the tweet itself. But with few characters to work with, that could gobble up a lot of tweets. This update allows you to tag up to 10 people in a tweet and it notifies you when someone has tagged you.

How to tag photos?

To help you tag people, a new “Who’s in this photo” button appears when you are done with attaching picture. When you choose to tag friends, Twitter won’t take up space inside your tweet. Twitter already provides users with a photo gallery showing their recent uploads and will also add a “Photos of me” tab. Well, image tagging is not original idea. Facebook has been offering photo tagging features for a long time and Instagram has also added this option a year back.

What does tagging multiple photos in a single tweet mean?

The new collage feature allows you to share up to four photos in one tweet, which will automatically create a collage. It’s very easy to use this option. Just select the images and Twitter will tile them into a neat rectangle, forming a beautiful collage. You can only use GIF, JPEG, and PNG files. BMP, TIFF or animated GIFs not allowed! This amazing feature is being rolled out on iPhone, and is soon coming to Android and desktop.

How to remove a photo tag?

It’s simple to untag yourself from any photo, just select “Remove tag from photo.” You can also stop a user from tagging by blocking the user. On doing this, your tagged name/username will not appear while tagging.

How to enable this option?

Go to Settings> Security and Privacy and then select the option you desire. The default setting for the photo is “Allow anyone to tag me in photos.” It can be changed to only people who already follow you can tag you, or you can also choose to turn off completely. In both the iOS and Android apps, the settings are in the same way. The only different is that in iOS, look for Privacy settings while in Android, look for Other Settings.

Both these new features will also be available when you embed tweets into webpages. So, what have you been waiting for? Download the latest version of Twitter on iPhone and Android.

What are your views about these newly added features? Do you like them? Share your views with us.

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