Best 8 Free Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

Today, we are going to talk about plugins that play a key role in showcasing the experience of your users i.e. Testimonials plugins. Testimonials allow you to show random or selected portfolio, reviews, text or images in your website or blogs. It’s vital to have a testimonial plugin at your WordPress site or blog. While WordPress offers you many testimonial plugins, but not all are equally useful.

We have come up with Top 8 WordPress Testimonial Plugins:

1) Testimonials by Aihrus
This is the most popular testimonial plugin for WordPress. It lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, or text in your WordPress site. You can also choose to include images or videos. You can easily insert Testimonials content via shortcode, theme functions or widgets with category and tag selections. It enables responsive image slideshow, video slideshow and is very useful for rotating testimonials.

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2) HMS Testimonials
HMS Testimonials plugin allows you to display the customer testimonials on pages or posts. It allows you to create your own templates using drag and drop, thus allowing you to display testimonials in different ways. It comes with three shortcodes and two widgets. It is a great plugin that has received amazing reviews from the users. It also allows you to show a picture of the person who submitted testimonial.

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3) Easy Testimonials
This simple-to-use plugin is an excellent choice for adding Testimonials to your WordPress theme. It allows you to insert a list of all Testimonials or output a random testimonial. It comes with plenty of custom options to allow you to link your testimonials to a custom page such as a product page. With this plugin, you can organize testimonials in many ways.

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4) Clean Testimonials
Clean Testimonials is a simple, quick and clean way to add Testimonials to your WordPress website. It enables you to quickly add testimonials to your site. Some of its features include easy to use shortcodes when editing content in WordPress admin area, the built-in testimonial widget, PHP code etc. This plugin comes with powerful customization features for developers.

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5) IndiaNIC Testimonial
Testimonial Plugin is a great way to add, edit or delete what others side about your website. This plugin comes loaded with many amazing features and allows you to get complete control over testimonials. It serves as an imperative tool for supervising your website. It also offers you the option to specify the number of testimonials on your website.

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6) GC Testimonials
GC Testimonials is an easy to use plugin that allows you to easily display testimonials for your WordPress site. It uses shortcodes for offering flexibility of display. With installation of this plugin, you will receive email notification on public testimonial submissions.


7) Testimonial Basics
Testimonial Basics is a full featured testimonial plugin that offers you amazing customization features. you can setup input forms in content areas, show testimonials in content or widget areas or can group testimonials for separate display. It has black and white or color captcha built in.


8) Testimonials by WooThemes
This easy-to-use testimonials management system for WordPress is very popular among the users. It allows to easily show off what your customers are saying about your business in an attractive and appealing manner. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 90k downloads.

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Soon after publishing this post, we got a useful recommendation for testimonial plugin. It’s called as GS Testimonial Slider. This newly launched WordPress plugin provides a beautiful way to display client’s testimonials. It is responsive, light-weight and easy to customize. With this developer-friendly testimonial plugin, you can easily edit, manage, create and delete Testimonials without need for any coding knowledge.

GS Testimonial Slider

Managing testimonials is essential for success of your online business. Testimonials plugins for WordPress give you an easy way to drop in testimonials wherever necessary. These plugins are a good way to manage your testimonials in the way you want it.
Have we missed out some important ones? Which plugin do you use for your website? Let us know in comments!

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