Bing Adds New Snapshot Features To Food and Drugs Search Results

Microsoft has rolled out new snapshot feature on, allowing you to get information on a given drug or nutritional information for common foods.

Bing in its official blog stated, “Recently, we highlighted work we are doing to enrich our knowledge repository with the addition of 150 million doctors, lawyers and professionals to Snapshot on the Bing results page. Today we are taking it a step further with the addition of glance-able information on food and drugs.”

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The updates to Bing aim at giving users an easy way to search for Food and Drugs. Bing Snapshot containing all vital information will please the users.

When you search for medications

Users searching on Bing for a specific drug will be able to get snapshot results of the drug. The snapshot will cover an overall synopsis of the drug including its brand name, drug classes, legal status, usage, chemical information, and more. You can explore more about a given drug directly within the frame.

For example, you searched for diclofenac or diclofenac side effects, you’ll get a snapshot with detailed information about the drug. Below is the snapshot of the search result when I searched for, diclofenac. Also, there is a direct link to the source of information.


With this snapshot feature, Bing is making it easier for you to quickly find out useful details about the drugs you take, drugs you are researching, and lots more. Now, you can quickly gain the information from an easy-to-read and understandable snapshot on Bing.

When you search about nutrition

With this update, Bing showcases nutritional information for common foods in a snapshot experience. Your chances of getting a Snapshot depend on the type of food you’re looking for.

For example, when a user searches for how many calories are in mango, they can get all the information about that food. The snapshot includes ample details such as scientific name, source of information, nutritional facts, and more.


Users are always on the lookout for food data, and now they can get quick and reliable information on Bing with this new snapshot feature. You are saved from the hassles of going to different sites to get the required information as the snapshot offers results in a far easier manner. The updated results are live now on Bing.

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