Call-Only Campaigns Introduced By Google

With the aim to allow businesses to get connected to their audiences more easily, Google has introduced call-only campaigns. This enables businesses to show their ads only to mobile searches. With an ever-increasing number of mobile users turning around to Google for their needs, this feature will allow searchers to call your business directly from their mobile. These newly launched call-only campaigns can be added to your existing advertising campaigns or can also launch it alone.

How call-only campaigns work?

When a Google user will click on a call-only ad, it will dial the phone number displayed directly instead of taking the user to the website. Though the website URL appears on the ad, but the purpose of ad is to encourage searcher to make a phone call.

What is the purpose of call-only campaigns?

These campaigns place more emphasis on a phone call over a website visit. This could a good marketing strategy and attracts customer’s attention towards taking the action. It is also a great option for businesses that haven’t mobile-friendly website.

call-only campaigns

How are they different from PPC advertising?

In desktop pay-per-click advertising, advertisers pay for every click that directs users to a landing page. But, most of the prospects are lost from landing pages. Almost half of the leads captured through landing pages turn out to be junk as you can only reach them when they submit their information. With call-only campaigns, you pay for call that is made by the users. So, in this case, the calls-to-leads rate is 100%. You will be able to connect with customers in real-time.

Can I customize my ads?

Yes, you can customize your ads for phone calls so that people can easily reach your business. This eliminates the need to visit the website and you can quickly connect with your prospects.

Is it possible to track the campaign?

Yes. Like any other AdWord campaign, you can also track and monitor your call-only campaigns. Advertisers will soon get to know whether the campaign is bringing them results or not.

Will you try AdWords Call-only campaigns?

Call-only campaigns promise to deliver business leads via mobile search. As the mobile search volume is increasing, this is a smart move by Google to encourage your customers to directly talk to your business. As Google mentioned in its blog, 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results, this campaign can result in great successes for businesses.

What are your views about call-only campaigns? Are you excited to use them for your business? Let us know in the comments section!