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Proven Process

To ensure accuracy, quality effectiveness of every web project we work on, we at CouncilSoft follow a proven development process that have been improved and refined over hundreds of successful design and development projects we completed.

Whether you are a first-time client or a repeat customer, we oversee a complete and comprehensive development process that will help both of us create the perfect online and digital solutions for your business. We provide absolute transparency at every step of the project to enable you to be updated of the progress of the project.

When you hire us to build a website for your brand or an application for your business, we don’t just make it up as we go along. We plan it accordingly, honing and refining every step of the way, to come up with efficient and hard-working phases that will bring results.

Here is a brief overview of the proven process that we follow at CouncilSoft:

STEP ONE: Discuss Your Needs With Us.

Get in touch with CouncilSoft and discuss with our project managers and IT experts what your project goals are and how we can help you build your requirements. During this initial discussion, we can already provide you with recommended solutions and services that we can help you with.

To set an appointment with one of our project managers or simply make an inquiry, you may dial 215-801-6036 or leave us a message here, and we promise to get back to you the soonest possible time.

STEP TWO: We Will Establish A Project Plan.

Once we’ve got a solid understanding of your business needs, goals and requirements, we will then start crafting a project plan with a strategic road-map, timeline, and targets. This should help us establish the direction of the project moving forward.

At CouncilSoft, we turn your complex project ideas into manageable, effective steps. Unlike other web development service providers, we take time to fully understand the work flow and project requirements before actually doing any design and development tasks to avoid countless unnecessary revisions and amendments. Not only does this save your time and money, it also guarantees that you get a remarkable end-product that meets your specifications.

STEP THREE: We Will Start Designing Wireframes And Storyboards.

After identifying all the project requirements and the step-by-step process, our expert graphic designers will start creating visual representations called wireframes. Wireframes serve as a blueprint of the project, enabling customers and stakeholders to see how the final product will roughly look like.

Through the use of wireframes, we are able to show a visual project scope that provides confidence to everyone, especially to clients, that we are all on the same page and are guided by the same idea.

During this time, clients are asked for their feedback and opinions which our project managers and graphic designers will take note of. If a certain amendment is not possible, we will inform you directly and give you other options how a specific action can be implemented instead.

STEP FOUR: Here Goes Web Development And Project Management.

With a team of highly experienced and skilled developers, we are now ready to build the project according to the final agreed instructions, designs, and requirements. Our imposing project managers will coordinate between client and web developers to ensure that everything is on track and is being managed rightly.

Using effective and comprehensive project management tools, tasks are listed down accordingly, separated into milestones, and each comes with a delivery date. Breaking down a project into smaller tasks makes it easier to manage. This process truly makes the web development phase “worry-free” to both our developers and clients.

STEP FIVE: We Make Time for Client Presentation, Feedback, and Collaborative Discussion.

Depending on what has been initially agreed upon, our project managers and web developers can present the progress of the project to our clients either once everything has been completed or through every milestone that has been accomplished. During presentations and progress reporting, client will be able to review and provide feedback regarding the project.

Should there be anything else that needs to be amended or revised, now is the perfect time to raise these issues. Our web developers will then have to make necessary revisions and once again present progress to client for another review and collaborative discussion until everything goes perfectly and smoothly.

STEP SIX: We Provide On-going Support

At CouncilSoft, we don’t stop when the web design and web development projects have been completed. We provide continuous and on-going support to our clients. We offer monthly maintenance to ensure that their website or online applications continue to operate smoothly and effectively.