Dynamic Sitelinks Appear On Google Adwords Ads

Dynamic Sitelinks is the latest ad snippet for Google Adwords Ads. These are automatically generated and appear below the Google Adwords ad text. These links send customers to a page of the website that’s highly relevant to the search activities. They appear below the ad copy and can trigger on all devices.

According to the official announcement, “it’s important to continue adding and optimizing sitelinks because impression share for dynamic sitelinks will be low. In fact, the sitelinks you set up will always show, except for the few instances when the dynamic sitelink might perform better.”

They are free. Advertisers won’t be charged for clicks on dynamic sitelinks. Buy, they will still be charged for clicks on the headline of the ad and other ad extensions. They have the ability to disable dynamic sitelinks if desired.

How Dynamic Sitelinks Work?

When people searches on Google for say buying a car, they might several searches and click multiple results. Then, AdWords determine which pages on the site are more relevant to the current search. Dynamic sitelinks will be a link to those pages in your ads. If you haven’t already set them up, Google will generate dynamic sitelinks automatically.

Your ads will be eligible for dynamic sitelinks when you have your campaign type set to “Search Network with Display” or “Search Network Only.” As per Google’s notification, “If you’ve already set up your own sitelinks, those will always show, except for the few instances when the dynamic sitelink can perform better.”

An example of dynamic sitelinks is shown below:
dynamic sitelinks
Some useful features of dynamic sitelinks:

  • Dynamic sitelinks are typically apparent when someone is shopping or doing some research via Google Search.
  • Google is offering dynamic sitelinks at no cost per click.
  • They help in increasing your quality score, AdRank and CTRs.
  • They work to enhance the relevance of your ads and the relevance of the user experience you deliver after the click.
  • They typically boost the average performance of an ad

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