Google’s AdWords Editor Version 10.5 Now Available

Google has recently made an announcement that the AdWords Editor Version 10.5 has been released. Let’s discuss about what the latest version is all about and how will it affect your business.

What is AdWords Editor?

Well, all advertisers are familiar with Adwords Editor. It is the most utilized tool available to Google Advertisers. It is used to manage large AdWords accounts efficiently. It allows a user to work on an account offline, import and export files to make account changes, easily make bulk changes in an account, and lots more.

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The latest version 10.5 has made some key changes to the editor. These changes include:

  • Shopping Campaign Management

    You can now view and update Shopping campaign settings. Although they cannot create new shopping campaigns or ad group through AdWords Editor, but can update the settings.

  • Product Groups

    Within a selected Shopping campaign, product groups are now available. They are available under targeting for shopping campaigns. Again, users cannot create, delete or pause product group, but can make bulk edit product group bids and destination URLs. They can also import changes to existing product groups with XML/CSV or export to XML/CSV/HTML.

  • Deleted ads are not downloaded

    The setting of “Hide deleted ads” has been removed. Now, AdWords Editor will not download deleted ads. This will help to keep the editor clean and organized.

  • Conservative v/s Aggressive Targeting Options

    The target optimization settings for the Display Network are now available. The display network includes Conservative targeting and Aggressive targeting options.

  • In-Market Audiences

    The In-market buyers (ROI) interest category is now available with the recent version of AdWords Editor. The editor supports features to improve your reach and performance across the Google Display Network.


The new version of AdWords Editor aims at making it easier for advertisers to enhance their online reach. The new version is now available for download.

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