How to Create Engaging Presence on Social Media?

Are you lagging behind about your social media presence? Are you worried about how to increase awareness of your brand on social media? Well, you are not alone.

Social media is constantly changing and there is so much information out there about how to do social media that it becomes a complex and daunting task to who to trust.

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To keep your online presence engaging, here are the top 10 tips:

1) Create social media profiles
If you’ve already set up your social profiles, it makes sense to polish and personalize them. Do you have a recent picture on your profiles? Do you have professional background graphics? Is your profile complete with all fillings- including the optional stuff? Pay special attention to contact details and the phrases your audience might use to search for your business. It’s must to have your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and more.

2) Grow your online network
Social media is all about growing an intelligent network of like-minded professionals, and clients. Spend time deliberately to grow your network and expand your visibility and influence. Studies have shown that customers prefer purchasing from businesses with an active Facebook fan page rather than without. You can develop a massive community of loyal and active customers.

3) Showcase your brand
Identify what you do and what distinguishes you from rest of the competition. Think of your strengths, knowledge and make sure that the message is conveyed clearly on social media sites.

4) Share useful, relevant content
Merely creation of social media profiles is not sufficient; you need to make your presence worth following. Make sure that your Facebook posts, tweets, Pinterest pins, and LinkedIn updates include valuable and engaging content and infographics. Make use of educational content that attracts more fans and followers.

5) Build Relationships with people in your industry
Find and follow influential bloggers and retweet their content. Do not follow anyone. Use tools like Twitter Search, and Twellow to identify other Twitter users of your industry. Start following like-minded professionals and some of the people your followers are following.

6) Interact With your fans and followers
Along with creating interactive and insightful content, you should also communicate with your fans and followers. Be engaging, create events and contests. Participate in discussions and create a powerful online presence worth following.

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7) Cross Promote
If you’re just staring to build a Pinterest account but already have an active Twitter or Facebook account, leverage your existing network by letting your existing fans know you’re also on Pinterest. Post responsibly and create different content to make both platforms worthwhile for your followers.

8) Focus on visual appearance
Social media is getting visually oriented and to propel your content further, you can add images – quote photos, event pictures, infographics and regular photos to spread your message across a large base of customers.

9) Consistency is the key
No one can deny the power of social media, but at the same time, you need to have patience and denote adequate time on social networking sites. Use the same or similar usernames for each of these sites for people to easily remember. Keep posting about latest and educative content to create a stronger and more memorable web presence.

10) Try new angles
When it comes to engaging your audience on various social platforms, you can use several approaches. You may try attaching graphics to your posts. You can also try rewarding your followers for sharing your content. Try different strategies with your social media presence. Running a smart contest is a good way to up your profile, but make sure you do it the right way!

Your Turn
Where are you in your social media campaigns? What are your views to improve your social media efforts? Share with us in the comments.