How to Find Keywords for a New Website?

A new website comes with a lot of advantages and at the same time, challenges as well. One of the biggest challenges is to find keywords. Keyword research is an important area and cannot be overlooked by any website owner. Keywords play a pivotal role in your success in online market. Keyword research brings high return activities in the search marketing field. The right keywords can help your website in getting the right kind of visitors.

Here, we share useful tips to find keywords for a new website:

1) Study The Competition

When we talk about keyword research for a new website, it is essential to study the competition. From the competitors, one gets an insight about the right keywords for their website. Right keyword selection is of foremost importance and analyzing the competitor’s keywords is a good idea. This helps you to target the right set of keywords for your audience.

2) Study Your Target Market

When you have the right keywords are not targeted in the wrong market, the whole purpose of keyword selection will ruin. Finding right keywords and targeting them to the right segment of audience is very essential. To analyze your keyword research, you should step into the shoes of the target audience that is using those specific keywords to find information or services you are providing. You need to think about what type of end user is using for individual keyword and then position good quality content to compliment that specific keyword for successful conversions.

3) Make Use of Right Tools

There are a good number of keyword research tools available that help you find right keywords for a new website. The most popular one is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool. It not only suggests keywords but also provides estimated search volumes. It helps you predict the cost of running paid campaigns for the keyword. You can look under Local Monthly Searches to determine volume for a particular keyword. Open Site Explorer, Alexa etc. are other good options to consider.

Keywords for a New Website

4) Sorting Through the Keywords

When you have listed a number of keywords for your website, it is essential to sort them out. Some phrases are generally irrelevant and those keywords need to filter out from the list. You should build groupings within the list of generic phrases and conversion-oriented phrases. It is essential to review the generic phrases and the keywords should be prioritized according to your business. The specific conversion rate helps you to know which product will produce a higher profit considering search volumes and profit per unit.

5) Buy a Sample Campaign at Google AdWords

You can use Google AdWords and choose exact match and point the traffic to the relevant page on your website. Here, you can track impressions and conversion rate. This data can be utilized for ascertaining the exact value of each keyword. This will help you to assess a keyword’s value and then you can accordingly decide whether and how to invest in that keyword.

So, these were some of the useful tips to find keywords for a new website. If you have some more suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments!
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