How to Get the Most Out Of Your Facebook for Business Page?

Today, most of the businesses have some kind of presence on Facebook but many are not utilizing this social media giant to its full potential. With over 1.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular online social networking site and you should not overlook its impact on your online business. With your friends and fans already using the platform – you it’s your turn!

Here, we discuss about some of the useful ways to get the most of your business page.


1) Create a unique business page
No one can deny the numbers and power of Facebook. A Facebook business page remains a must-have for business of any size and nature. While creating business page, make sure that you have all the standard information included such as a business description, e-mail, phone, website, working hours, location and do not leave anything blank.

2) Use appropriate cover image and profile picture
It’s the cover page that brings visitors onto your page. Think about catchy colors, faces and fonts that attract the most attention. The cover image provides you an amazing opportunity for branding to visually inspire your fans. The options for making cover images are endless!
For profile pictures, use image of your brand logo. If you don’t have that, a professional picture of yourself is a good choice.

3) Engage with your audience
Don’t post and run. Converse with your fans and reply when they comment. Ignite your fans with interesting content, images and questions that give them no choice but to comment. Stay involved.

4) Post unique content, but don’t over post
You may think that more posts you do, the more likes and share you get. Well, not necessarily. Find out what works for your business and keep the number of posts each day in the 4-8 range. Share diverse content that keeps your fans interested, and they’ll come back for more exciting stuff.

5) Use Facebook to augment your online presence
Facebook is a fun way to interact with your customers and others in the same industry. Have one-on-one conversations with your customers who like your page, read your posts and share them with friends.

6) Stay updated with Facebook changes
You need to keep abreast with the changes in Facebook and act accordingly. Facebook can make changes they see fit, so don’t miss out anything that can improve your page.

7) Don’t take likes and comments for granted
Likes and comments are important for your page. Encourage folks to like your page, invite your friends and share your page. You can also invite your businesses contacts for getting more online presence.


8) Make use of Facebook ads
Facebook ads are a powerful and cost-effective way of reaching your audience. Facebook ads allow you to choose targeted people to see your ads. You can also choose your ads to display to people you select with age, sex, relationship status, country and others. Thus, right advertising for the right people!

9) Know your page insights
Facebook offers you a variety of tools to help you measure the impact of your efforts. You can view Page Insights to look for trends and develop best-performing content. Use Page Insights to understand your audience. An interesting feature here is that when you create ads, you can try out different images to see what works. Facebook will then optimize your campaign so that more focus is paid on ads that are performing the best.

So, what are your thoughts about using Facebook for business page? What are the favorite features of your pages? Share with us via our comment section.