How to Increase User Engagement on YouTube

Most of us know the power of video for business and the positive impact it can have on the online success. YouTube is the second most powerful social network for customer engagement. It’s important to have a specific online video strategy.

Online video marketing is an essential component of marketing campaigns. You can also check out our tips for successful video marketing.

Here, we are focusing on YouTube and the drastic impact it can have on your online business. Let’s first cover some facts and figures about YouTube.

  • Over one million unique monthly users
  • Percentage of YouTube traffic from mobile: 40%
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month
  • Millions of subscriptions happen each day.
  • YouTube’s percentage of overall time spent on iOS and android: 4%
  • First video to reach 2 billion YouTube views: Gangnam Style

So, how to increase your engagement on YouTube?

1) Meta data is essential

Creating and releasing new videos is fun and for success of videos, Meta Data is essential. It includes filling out a detailed description of your video, including good headlines, and strategically optimizing the tags.


2) Create Attractive Thumbnails

If you are not a YouTube Partner, you can choose from three auto-generated thumbnail options by YouTube. Select the best one that attractively represents the content of your video. When you become YouTube partner, you can create custom thumbnails. While creating thumbnails, you need to keep in mind the target audience i.e. people who are going to search for the content you’ve created. Make the thumbnail clear enough so that users think that clicking on it will give them the apt solution.


3) Add annotations

The third step to enhancing your YouTube engagement is to include annotations. Annotations are those little messages on videos that really work such as “Click Here”, “Click to Subscribe”, etc. These are a good way to increase views, add subscribers, and increase search engine rankings. Creating call to action help viewers get to your website.

youtube player new settings annotations video quality

4) Post videos at the right time

If your video includes content related with an event, holiday or something else happening in the news, it’s essential to post videos at the right time. Make sure to give the event in your title, description etc. so that the users are able to search it. This will also give you a nice boost from search engine traffic.


5) Be consistent

Publishing videos on a consistent schedule can increase your video views. You should present a consistent experience to the subscribers and present both content and meta data in a way that Google seems to like. Establish a pattern for posting videos and stick to it.

6) Consider the length of your videos

Your video length depends on the topic discussed in your video. Everybody’s time is at a premium. For instructional videos, a running time of about 4-5 minutes is ideal. Try to keep the videos as short and to-the-point as possible while including the core content.

7) Engage with your viewers

You should respond quickly to the comment. Engage with the viewers and build relationships. These relationships convert to more views, likes, and shares. Include a good call to action in your video.


Your views

Do you use YouTube videos as a part of your marketing campaigns? Do you find it a useful way to engage with customers? Share your views in the comment section below.

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