How To Optimize Contact Forms?

You can easily turn a casual browser into a solid lead by optimizing your contact form. A small change can make a huge improvement in conversion. Most of us neglect the most important thing on the website through which the actual conversions take place.

There’s nothing worse than leading your customers all the ways through a nicely designed sales funnel but having them hit a huge road block when they get to the contact form. Those forms that require filling details about complete family history are straightway rejected by potential customers.

For example, if your form requires address of clients for receiving newsletter. The user thinks that what the hell are they going to do with my address? If you get someone to a contact form, and lists there 15 fields, this may be intimidating to people.

So, what are the factors that need to be considered while creating a perfect contact us page? Here, we discuss about the things that can make your contact form better, thus resulting in increase in conversions.Optimize contact form

a) Keep Your Contact Form Clean And Simple
There are wide number of fields which you can add in your contact form. But remember, clumsier a contact form is, the lesser is the conversion. Keep your contact form simple with just required elements.

b) Ask Only For The Most Necessary Information
Don’t ask for too much information. No one likes to give out their personal details. Make sure that the form includes just relevant information such as name, email address etc. For example, if you are in the field of real estate and someone is interested in buying a home; do you really need their date of birth?

c) Number Of Fields Matter
It’s a good idea to include fewer form fields. The rule of thumb is between 3 to 5 fields. If you require considerate amount of data, divide your form into several steps.

d) Title Should Be Appealing
Title is the first thing that one notices before filling the form. Have a title with powerful, actionable words that convince them to fill the form.

e) Keep Some Things Optional
You can keep some things optional such as phone numbers. Making every field mandatory decreases the conversion rate. Give users the choice to provide personal details or not.

f) Take Care Of Surrounding Space That Contains The Form
Your contact page should be rightly placed with correct surrounding space on the page that contains the form. The rule of thumb is to make the contact form visible at first glance without any scrolling.

g) Left Align Or Right Align Form
You can try out different formats and choice is yours when it comes to alignment of form. Although it’s suggested to keep the form right align to increase your conversion rate.

h) A Good Privacy Policy
Add a link to your privacy policy next to the submit button is a good way to give them a sense of confidence and trust that their information will not be misused.

i) End Your Form Well
At the end of the form, you can put buttons like “Click Here”, “Go”, “Download”, so that users can comfortably fill their details. You can also include fields like help, advice or suggestions at the end of your form. If a follow up is required, send them a thank you note stating, “A representative will contact you in next 48 hours.”

An example of contact form:


How about you? Do you know other ways to optimize contact form for more sales conversions? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below!