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Clone Now Photo App

Clone Now is a photo based app that uses the device camera to help you take creative clones of your friends, objects or even complete a group picture with the missing person who is usually the photographer in just two clicks! You can use this app in multiple ways, You can be as creative as possible. For a better clones, try to place the subject in a scene with a detailed background and do not move the camera between the shots. Simply ask the subject to move.

Key Features:

  • Create clones or complete a group picture
  • Clones are saved in the camera roll under picture hub.
  • Front Camera option added, now you can create self clones
  • Share clones via facebook, twitter and email
  • Enable and Disable Flash
  • Lens Integration
  • Control transparency level of the overlay image guide
  • Auto focus, so you get the perfect shot each time
Clone Now

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