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QMAGIK Queue Management System

QMAGIK is an integrated Queue Management and Customer Flow Management System specially designed for service organizations like Hospitals, Banks, Telecom Service Counters, Government Service Counters and Airports. QMAGIK has an extremely flexible in-premise Queue Management component, an Online Appointment component and an Mobile Appointment component thereby making an integrated Queue and Customer flow management solution. QMAGIK has few unique features, including Single Token Multiple Service, Token Forwarding, Customer Profile based Prioritization, Video and Scrolling Advertisement, which differentiates it from rest of the queue management systems.

Benefits of QMajik Queue Management System

  • Highly efficient queue management during peak hours and for busy Counters/doctors.
  • Facility to bypass the queue for priority services.
  • Facility to Re-call the un-answered tokens and Forward tokens if essential.
  • Appointments can be taken via internet and SMS
  • Can Re-call any token again, from the serviced tokens list, if required.
  • Good Reporting facility
  • Service Turn Around Time reports
  • Assess Employee efficiency
  • Stream line operations
  • Additional revenue by advertisements
  • Cross selling and up selling
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Overall efficiency improved
  • Appointment tokens will be active when the time of appointment is due.
  • Regular tokens will be active when a token is printed.
  • The registered tokens queue management is highly configurable on the basis of options like Registered Order, First Come First Served Order and File Retrieval Order.
  • Enhanced satisfaction for patients/customer as the waiting line is kept in order by a clear logical system and reduces patient/customer complaints on queue handling.
  • Inform patients/customers about forthcoming holidays, your vacation and so on through messages with the help of the display screen.
  • QMAGIK media helps to insert Video clips, Background music in between token displays.
    It would act as a Good Advertising media and Revenue earning opportunity and thereby create a perfect ambiance in the waiting area.

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