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Water Rings Childhood Classic Game

Water Rings is a classic game which will refresh your childhood memories. This is based n the water filled bubble game where you had rings suspended in water and little posts to stack them. This is a 3D game which simulates the actual toy.

Water Rings is a funny game for all ages. It can be played by everyone. It is suitable for kids and people of any age.

Game difficulty is based on number of poles and number of rings with increasing levels. This is build on a custom Game Engine and Fluid Dynamics. You can post your highest score to the online game leader-board.

Goal is to stack all the rings on the poles as fast as you can. You can place any ring on any pole. Lower the time taken to stack all the rings will result in higher scores. Tap the screen to generate bubbles, bubbles will push the rings upwards. The more you tap the more force the bubbles will generate. Tilt the phone to direct the ring horizontally to slide them on to the poles.

Water Rings Game

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