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Game Development

CouncilSoft, out of its many services, it provides you with another which is simply out of the box. We offer our clients with Game Development services, which range from game designing to prototype development and we can also help all the way to actual releasing of the games.

Our game services though move around two sub services, windows phone game development and windows 8 game development, but our game developers have their expertise in creating the flow of story around which the game revolves, refining the concept of the game and designing beautiful game renders so that we could help you design the game as per your vision. From addition of the sound effects, to exploring new graphical details for your game, we can help you with anything and all.

Our game development team can provide you with much more than just an incredibly interesting story line and concepts of game designs. The experts on game development with us are capable of delivering, quality driven, video and audio productions, web-based framework development for the game and technical programming for the game.

Our software developers also provide QA testing, and full post release support. Our main focus while developing a game is its quality, and hence our game developers work not only on making the game’s visually stimulating, but also captivating game-play added on with high quality graphics. But the main focus is on the design of the game, which works on making it highly functional and productive.

We know that the Window 8 platform is a widely used platform on PCs all around the world and windows phone are widely gaining popularity and catching up pretty fast with the competition, so we have chosen it our preferred platform for game development. Our focus resides on using the windows’ continuously innovating and growing platform, which gives us the leverage of combining technology with creativity to produce games having a mass appeal and an engaging and captivating game play aimed to enthrall players from all around the world.

CouncilSoft aims at providing its customers with the best of everything they desire. We thus work aiming for the high quality of the products we deliver. The products are developed by keeping in mind only one thing, and that is the realization of the customer’s vision in the way he/she desires. So, if you are looking for game development services, we are right here!!

Here is the complete list of custom design services that we offer at CouncilSoft.

Windows Phone Game Development

CouncilSoft enables its players to search Windows Phone games conveniently through various mobile devices.


Windows 8 Game Development

CouncilSoft game developers have introduced a fiery platform for its users by employing high grade and extensively advanced software tools.