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Game Development / Windows Phone Game Development

CouncilSoft assists its freaky game players with an amazing set of advanced features where they can enjoy all their applications while being at their own comfort level. The increasing numbers of Smartphone users can download and install our gaming applications on daily basis to enrich their experience. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the amazing benefits of mobile websites on your Windows phone. Our game developers are implementing innovative use of highly specialized coding languages to create powerful web pages with rich features.

CouncilSoft enables its players to search Windows Phone games conveniently through various mobile devices. We are developing the most influential and potent sets, which are tied with the most specific platforms. Our experienced and well qualified technicians provide our users the most immersive gaming applications, by offering tremendous opportunities to bring into play a wide range of devices. They assist them to monetize their applications with a great ease. The users can quickly port any game from any other mobile platforms with the help of C/C++ backing.

We also support in making application purchases easier in the markets with global currencies. Once needed, our analytics will also be providing timely guidance about how your applications will be performing on your phone. The users can have more downloads and developmental tools on their windows phone faster compared to other iPhones.

In case, you have any compatibility issues with your Windows phone, our developers will assist you. Our game developers enables you to calculate scores on daily, weekly or high score basis through social leader boards. The users can even win rewards for the achievements through windows phone games or can avail the advantage of starting the game from the middle if have left it in the middle on his tablet, web browser or IOS device.

In addition to this, anti piracy features are also installed. Our aim is to reach millions of people across the world with a unique and fun providing gaming experience. So, do not make any delays and install the Windows phone game today!!

Give us a call at 215-801-6036 and our professionals will guide you throughout the process of game development.