Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Picture Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn is the primary source for job search, professional network, business related content and more. When you want to maintain professional connections, LinkedIn serves as a valuable tool. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you get only one picture to sum you up to the entire world. LinkedIn profile picture is a critical part of your professional brand and represents a promise of value. The first impression you make on LinkedIn is with the picture you choose to represent yourself.

Here are the biggest LinkedIn profile picture mistakes to avoid:

1) No picture

This is the top LinkedIn profile picture mistake made by many. A photo personalizes your profile and helps to create a human connection with you. In this age of virtual business, LinkedIn profile pictures are a way to recognize someone. Most people ignore the profiles that are without pictures and when you don’t want to be ignored, having a profile picture is essential. Also, your old colleagues and schoolmates can faster recognize you.

2) Not a quality picture

The LinkedIn profile picture should always be a high-quality, professional-looking. When you simply crop an existing photo, it will look pixilated. A quality image should be selected and you should take the time to brand yourself properly.

3) Too close up or too far away

You should not crop the picture too much. And on the other hand, it should not be a full body photograph. The profile photo box is only a square inch and the photo must clearly recognize you. When the picture is not recognizable, the whole purpose of having a profile photo is defeated.

4) Using selfies

LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram, it is a professional network. Selfie is not appropriate for LinkedIn profiles. Saves the selfies for your Facebook Profile or Instagram and avoid posting them on LinkedIn.

5) Using logos on personal profiles

Profiles represent people and using logo as profile picture is basically broadcasting to the entire community. Also, using company logos as profile photo is against LinkedIn terms and conditions. Company logos are great for LinkedIn company page but not for personal profiles. This is one of the most prominent LinkedIn profile picture mistakes.

6) Setting group picture

LinkedIn profile represents you and the picture should include only you. When you have more than one person in the professional photo, it makes hard for companies and individuals to recognize which one are you. A group photo sends a confusing message to the viewer. So, it’s better to avoid using group picture as your LinkedIn photo.

7) Using Drawings

Among top LinkedIn profile picture mistakes, comes using drawings as image. An actual picture of yourself is more appropriate to represent yourself on LinkedIn than using artistic portraits. Using caricature or drawings is not the best picture to use on your LinkedIn profile.

8) Pictures with birds, pets or other creatures

We all love animals but again, the cute-animal loving shot may not the best for your LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn photo is meant to highlight your professional life and photos with birds or pets may not necessarily score you any points in professionalism.

9) Using too small pictures

According to LinkedIn, an ideal pixel size for the picture is between 200 x 200 to 500 x 500. The picture should not be too small. Pictures with tiny squares inside the photo space do not look professional.

10) Inappropriate picture

Any picture that is not taken in a professional setting should not be a part of this professional network. Your LinkedIn picture should convey professionalism and credibility. Family pictures or some holiday snap taken on the beach in a bathing suit is not the right choice.

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