Top 10 WordPress Ad Plugins

Ads plugins for WordPress offer you an opportunity to earn extra revenue. With ads plugins, you can customize the colors and size display of advertisement, choose where to post ads on your site, and lots more. Having advertisements enhance the overall appearance of your website and attract more visitors.

We have listed the top 10 ads plugins for WordPress:

1) AdRotate

AdRotate offers you the best way of putting ads on your website. This is your most intuitive ad manager that helps you start making money with your website. It supports unlimited groups of banners, allowing you to tie certain banners to different areas of the website. The basic version is available free of cost while the premium plugin comes with more features and faster support.

Cost: Basic version is free

Premium version costs € 29 for a single website

Beautiful graphs to tell you all about your advertisements performance

2) WP125

Want easy management of ads on your blogs? There cannot be better choice of ad plugin than WP125. It allows running 125×125 ads for a specified number of days, and then it will automatically be taken down. This plugin helps you manage your ads more efficiently, allowing you to have more time for writing new posts. Also, it keeps track of how many times an ad is clicked.

Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (5)

3) Quick Adsense

Are you looking for an easy way to insert Google Adsense into blog posts? If yes, Quick Adsense is a perfect choice for you. This Ads management WordPress plugin comes with a simple setting page, and offers a good way to experiment a variety of ads format and placements besides optimizing your Adsense.

Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (40)
Screen shot showing the additional Quicktag Buttons added to the HTML Edit Post SubPanel.

4) Easy AdSense

Easy Adsense offers you a flexible and simple way to generate revenue from your blog using Google Adsense. Its features include:

• Provides Sidebar widgets

  • a) For AdSence for content with custom title
  • b) For search with customizable text
  • c) For link units

• A rich set of options

  • 1) Internationalized with multiple languages supported
  • 2) Add a customizable mouse-over border decoration on ad blocks.
  • 3) Displays AdSense blocks based on the post length.
  • 4) Suppress ads on all pages

Cost: Free

Pro Version: $4.95

Easy AdSense in action

1) Wp-Insert

Wp-Insert is the most powerful and easy to use WordPress ad management plugin. It helps you manage your ads, Google analytics, and even editing your themes or writing codes. With this plugin, you can manage ads, manage legal page, manage tracking codes, and syntax highlighting is also a feature of this plugin.

Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (41)
Multiple Ad Network Support

6) Simple Ads Manager

Simple Ads Manager is an easy-to-use plugin that follows a flexible logic of advertisements. It offers great flexibility of displaying ads by using Ads Zone selector. It is compatible with all caching plugins and comes with loads of customization features. The allowed ads codes in this plugin are HTML, javascript and PHP.

Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (8)
Ads Places List

7) Ads by

With this plugin, you can conveniently add and display ads randomly on your blog. You can add advertisements to your posts, pages or Text widgets via shortcode. This plugin offers you full control over how many ads get displayed along with their sort order.

Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (9)

8) WP Advertising System

Here comes WordPress paid plugin for ads. This plugin allows you to manage advertisers, campaigns, banners and ad zones. You will also be able to track statistics, impressions and clicks. It offers you a simple and professional way of managing advertisements on your website. This plugin has received rave reviews from the users and is a popular choice among the developers.

Cost: $25 for regular license


9) AdPress – WordPress Ad Manager

This premium WordPress plugin is a fully featured platform to manage Ads. It allows you to conveniently sell and display ads for your WordPress blog. It comes with a host of features such as ad rotation; image, flash and link ads; PayPal integration with Sandbox mode and refunds support, purchase history, AdminBar notifications and lots more.

Cost: $35 for regular license


10) Ad Injection

Ad Injection injects any kind of adverts like Adsense into your WordPress posts and pages. You have full control over the number of adverts based on length of posts and you can also restrict who sees adverts by post age, visitor referrer and IP address.

Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (42)


With number of sites using WordPress increasing at a rapid pace, everyone wants to get most from their sites. Ad plugins help you to have full control over your ads, giving you options to choose positions, size and type of ads. Our above listed plugins are some of the best advertising plugins for WordPress around the web.

What are your views? Which ad plugins do you use for your blog? Have we missed out some useful ones? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.