Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

When you need to manage the Affiliate marketing program, the affiliate plugins for WordPress are right for you. These plugins provide you the right tools and methods to maintain an effective marketing program. The good thing is that there are lots of affiliate plugins available, and the bad thing is that there are lots of affiliate plugins available that one gets confused in selection of an ideal plugin. We are here to help you out and provide you a list of top 10 plugins for Affiliates along with their screenshots and description.

1) Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite tops our list of WordPress plugins for affiliates. This popular plugin allows you to take long and nasty-looking affiliate links and turn them into “pretty links” that look as links within your site. This is a very useful plugin for those who want to clean up their affiliate links, track clicks from emails, or generally increase the reach of their website by spreading these links on forums or comments on other blogs.
Cost: Free


2) Affiliates

The Affiliates plugin comes with several useful features such as automated affiliate registration, unlimited affiliate management section and the ability to integrate affiliates with virtually any eCommerce platform. It provides a strong framework for developers, who want to build customized solutions based on a sound data model. It provides all the tools to maintain a partner referral program.
Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (37)

3) WP Auto Affiliate Links

With this plugin, affiliate links are automatically added into your content. You have the option to manually set affiliate links and keywords or you can also let the plugin automatically extract and display links from Amazon, Clickbank or Shareasale. The content is not modified in any way and the links are added when the content is displayed.
Cost: Free

4) Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate turn any links into an affiliate linked when clicked. It is the simplest and fastest way to turn your product review blogs into a source of income. The plugin automatically turns your links into affiliate links to make you money from more than 3000 affiliate partners. With this plugin, you can simply blog and earn cash from any of their 3000 partner sites.
Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (5)

5) Affiliates WooCommerce Integration Light

This plugin easily integrates Affiliates with WooCommerce. Referrals are created automatically for your affiliates when sales are made. This plugin also allows you to set a referral rate so that the affiliates get credited with a referral based on percentage of sales total net amount. It requires you to have WooCommerce, Affiliates and this plugin.
Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (38)

6) ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates empowers you to monetize your website with affiliate marketing. With this plugin installed, you can administer your affiliate links, insert them into posts, pages and comments while having a central location in WordPress to manage all of your affiliate links. It has inbuilt affiliate link shortening/link cloaking.
Cost: Free
Premium version also available

screenshot-3 (2)

7) WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

This plugin lets you import Amazon products in your WooCommerce store in no time! Installation takes just couple of minutes and you can import directly from Amazon within seconds. It offers an excellent way to create your own online professional store. The best part is that it takes all data available for all Amazon products including title, prices, all product attributes, product reviews along with full product descriptions.
Cost: $33 for regular license


8) Envato Affiliate Cash for WordPress

Envato affiliate cash for WordPress converts all Envato URLs in your posts to affiliate URLs. It makes it easy to generate tons of referrals to Envato by automatically converting your marketplace links to referral URLs. It offers you three different levels of link replacement to choose from such as posts content + post meta, excerpt content and RSS, and even comment content, URLs and comment RSS. The plugin comes with complete documentation and instructions.
Cost: $4 for regular license


9) iTunes Affiliate Link Maker

This plugin adds a button to visual editor to run the iTunes Link Generator. It offers link masking to hide your affiliate junk. It allows you to link to the iTunes store with or without an affiliate program. Easy to install and simple to use!

screenshot-1 (6)
Initial screen upon clicking the button, showing previously clicked links sorted with most recent at the top

10) Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing Tool

Skimlinks offers you an easy way to monetize content by converting product links in your post into equivalent affiliate links. It takes away all the effort involved in affiliate marketing and earning commissions from the valuable links you include in your posts.

screenshot-1 (39)

Your Views

In your opinion, which Affiliate plugins for WordPress do you prefer? Do you any of one we have mentioned? What has been your experience in using that plugin? Share your views with us in the comment section below.