Top 12 Windows Phone Apps for Your Business

Windows Phones are finally catching up and mobile-app library is growing every day, and currently includes over 200,000 apps.

Here are 10 Windows Phone apps that business users must have, whether it’s securing important details or finding right locations for meetings. You can also develop Windows 8 appsfor your business.

1. Office Remote
Office Remote turns your Windows Phone 8 device into a complete controlling device for Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. It’s a useful app for giving presentations, gracing your smartphone.

Cost: Free


2. Authenticator
Authenticator app generates security codes to keep your Microsoft account secure. This app implements industry-standard security code generation. This app works well with Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5

Cost: Free

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3. Boxcryptor
It’s a great app for those who are concerned about privacy and protecting their data. It allows you to encrypt your data before storing it to the cloud. It supports most cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. An excellent feature of this app is that encryption and decryption is done directly on your device and your password is never transmitted. You can get it here.

Cost: free for basic version and there are two paid tiers.

4. PDF Reader
It is a free app for viewing PDF documents on Windows Phone. You can easily zoom in on text or images and can also search text for finding specific information. Also, you can choose to view PDF files in single page mode or continuous mode. It is a must-have for businesses of all sizes.

Cost: Free

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5. CamScanner
The CamScanner app gives you a portable scanner which offers SkyDrive integration, PDF conversion, tagging, text search, auto detect, and cropping. With this amazing app, you can save scanned images directly into the Photos Hub.

Cost: Free


6. Google One
This useful app location service helps you to access your location and way direction in Google Maps. It helps you access all best Google products quickly and easily.

Cost: Free


7. Task Manager
A great To Do/Task Manager that makes it easy to keep track of all tasks and to dos. With this app, you can efficiently manage your tasks in self-defined categories.

Cost: Free


8. Yelp
Nowadays, important meetings are held in restaurants, bars and cafes and here comes the role of a wonderful app, Yelp. It has roughly 47 million community reviews and location services guide you to find the perfect catch-up spot.

Cost: Free


9. Skype
Skype for Windows Phone is an impressive app – and is not just limited to video calls. Use Skype to make voice calls over Wi-fi or 3G, or simply send a text message. You can also login to Skype using Microsoft Live account, which can be linked to existing Skype account.

Cost: Free

10. Translator
Translator is an easy to use and feature-filled translation app that works well when you’re on the go with smartphone. It supports text translation from more than 40 different languages and it’s a text to speech function let you play out translations.

Cost: Free


11. Gmail 2014
This amazing app easily connects your Gmail account with complete features such as read, send, compose, and view inbox, mark spam and more.

Cost: Free


12. Retail Advisor
If you are retail pro selling Windows Phone, Retail Advisor is the most useful tool. It offers a range of special features for designated Windows Phone Retail Advisors.

Cost: Free


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What are your views about the enhancing demand of Windows Phone apps? Which apps do you use for your business? Let us know in comments below!