Top 15 Tips to Use Instagram for Your Business

Are you wondering how to enhance visual experience of your clients? How to use images and videos to attract desired segment of customers? The answer is very easy. Start using Instagram. It is a social channel growing at an exponential rate. You can add photos and share them with your Instagram followers and also at Facebook, Twitter and more.


Instagram offers you an irresistible opportunity to diversify your content and broaden your online reach. Below are some tips to effectively use Instagram for business to build your brand.

1. Acquaint yourself with Instagram
What is your purpose for using Instagram? You can get useful tips and news about Instagram HQ at the Instagram’s Business blog.

2. Create a great looking profile
Take your time to build trust between you and your potential followers by creating a good profile with customize logo and brands. A consistent look and style goes a long way in building trust and social credibility. It’s always a good idea to experience Instagram as a regular user.

3. Show your products
Everyone loves to browse products, so include visually appealing collection of your products. Share infographics and engage followers. Share photos of your newly added stock and ask for their opinions. Do not try to over promotional, as Instagram is about everyday pictures.

4. Share experiences
Offer a view of how your products are created to your followers. This will be a testament of your quality manufacturing process. Also, if the process is a long one, you may make a multi-part post. You can also shares images of happy customers and short videos.

5. Do not post everything
Instagram is a series of visuals but it doesn’t mean randomly posting photos. Your business account should have only photos posted with the intent of increasing engagement. Anything useless is – spam.
Take a moment to think before you post any picture on Instagram to check whether or not it will help you reach your goals.

6. Have a flexible posting plan
You don’t have to post every day. Create a schedule, decide what you want to post and make a posting plan, think strategically about what you should post and when.

7. Synchronize with other social media activities
Use Instagram in conjunction with your Facebook and Twitter account and enhance your brand presence. Also, try to use the same username as your Twitter account as when your content is tagged, it is shared on Twitter as well. Use Instagram badges to link your Instagram account to Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest boards.

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8. Make your Instagram followers feel special
Share about new promotional offers, events or other special discounts on Instagram. Give your followers an exclusive preview of products and services.

9. Showcase your brand’s personality
There needs to be a nice balance of fun images and business pictures. Show your brand’s personality while also giving them useful informative content.

10. It’s not about only big brands
Instagram is a free tool that helps every brand from the biggest ones to small shops to generate sales leads. It’s for every start-up as well as an established business firm.

11. Use hashtags and mentions to drive traffic
Hashtags originated from Twitter and are now increasingly being used on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook. You can use a number of trending hashtags to be a part of bigger visual community.

12. Introduce your employees
Go behind the scenes and introduce your employees to your Instagram followers.

13. Expand your network
You can expand your network on Instagram by:

a) Engaging with others’ photos
b) Following your followers
c) Making right use of trending hashtags

14. Promote your culture
Instagram is a great place to announce new hires, and showcase how your office is a fun place to work in.

15. Add videos
Instagram has recently enabled video functionality. You can embed your Instagram video in your blogs or website as well.

Your views

What are your views about using Instagram as a part of your social media campaigns? Want to suggest more ways to enhance visual presence? Share your comments here.