Top 6 Self-Hosted Project Management Tools

Managing projects involve different groups of employees and a set of various tasks. The best way to successfully manage project is to use self-hosted project management tools specially designed for small and flexible businesses. The outcome of any project is largely affected by planning and monitoring stages of a project and thus, the role of these tools is very important. They help to maximize your productivity, organization, and help you keep on top of your projects.

With self-hosted project management tools, you can keep a track record of projects, send invoices, upload your files, schedule your work, and lots more.

Check out the top 6 self-hosted project management tools:

1) Redmine

Redmine is a flexible project management web application that provides flexible role based access control, flexible issue tracking system, Multilanguage support, and much more. It supports multiple projects, Gantt charting and calendar, and has a lot of functionalities for developers. It is one of the well-known self-hosted project management tools available in the marketplace today.

self-hosted project management tools

2) Collabtive

Collabtive is another good choice when you are looking for self-hosted project management tools. This easy and efficient tool comes with great functionalities. Some of the impressive features include unlimited projects, milestones, tasklists and tasks; unlimited members with user profiles; role-based permission management; file management; time tracking and more.

self-hosted project management tools

3) ProjectPier

ProjectPier is a free, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and team. This tool will help you with communication, collaboration and getting things done in the right manner. Thousands of people are using it, ranging from study groups to large universities and more. this cross-platform application is written using PHP, Javascript and requires a MySQL database backend.

self-hosted project management tools

4) Codendi

Codendi is one of the best self-hosted project management tools. Offered by Xerox, Codendi provides a collaborative workspace for each project with many communication tools, forums, instant messages, mailing lists, surveys, and more. With Codendi ticketing, you can easily manage your service center’s activities, your customer service centers as well as your IT service centers.

self-hosted project management tools

5) Producteev

Producteev provides its clients unlimited users and projects at no costs. It comes with a host of impressive features such as it permits users to create tasks, offers real-time communication between users, features results measurement and progress tracking, and personalized support. It is extremely easy to use with almost every function being self-explanatory.

self-hosted project management tools

6) eGroupWare

eGroupWare is a free open source groupware software which can be easily used by small businesses to large enterprises. This leading collaboration tool has impressive features such as online file server and document management, information sharing and CRM, data exchange and sync, email account management, service management, as well as project and event management.

Your Choice

How do you manage your IT/software and other projects? Do you use any of the above self-hosted project management tools or are you using a better option? Let us know your views in the comments.


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    producteev is not a self-hosted software. it’s an online service.