Useful Tips for Ecommerce Website Design

When you want to start your online business, you must be familiar with ecommerce website. For businesses entering the ecommerce space, the process can be a bit cumbersome. Ecommerce website design, mobile and social media strategies, customer services are some of the factors that need serious consideration. Ecommerce websites have their own unique character that is designed to lead visitors towards making an online purchase.

Our Tips for Ecommerce Website Design

  • Understand the audience

    Good web designers and developers consider the audience needs and expectations when they are designing a website or an app. It’s a good idea to research for similar sites and come up with an ecommerce website design that appeals to your target audience.

  • Keep the search line in sight

    The search bar should be visible at the first sight on the website. Ecommerce websites include many products and the customers often use the search bar to find the required one. So, the search line should not be hidden and the search bars should work correctly.

  • search bar

  • Responsive Design

    More people are using their phones or tablets to shop online. Retailers have to find a way to deliver a consistent experience to users of all such devices. Responsive design can work extremely well and provides customers a seamless shopping experience irrespective of the size of screen they are using for online shopping.

  • Create a user-oriented experience

    Your website should be designed in a way that it convinces customers to break out their credit cards. Create a user-friendly, all-round personalized experience to encourage customers to fill their digital shopping carts.

  • Bread crumbs

    Bread crumbs allow users to easily navigate through the site and quickly move 2-3 steps earlier and understand the category structure. They are a convenient and useful navigating tool.

  • Shopping cart

    It is important to place shopping cart where it is convenient for users to easily spot it. The purpose is to make it easy for customers to make online purchase on the site. You can also attach little photos of items that have been added by users to make it more attractive and informative.

  • shopping cart

  • Quick product overview

    This is a convenient feature to help customer quickly scan the catalog. He can look at the product without leaving the category page. Some websites place products in light box with darker background and not in separate tab is also considered as quick overview.

  • Easy checkout

    The checkout process should not be complicated. A good ecommerce website design includes removing all distracting factors on the checkout page to offer a hassle-free shopping experience to the customers.

  • Utilize social media

    Social media is an effective way to target audience and drive traffic to your website. It is a great medium to get word-of-mouth momentum started. Social media should be considered as a important element of an entire business plan.

  • Special features

    A well planned ecommerce website design includes features such as email notifications, multiple payment modes, credit card payment processing and more. Your site needs to be encrypted for secure processing of credit card transactions. Equip your website with all the tools necessary to ensure a pleasant and reliable shopping experience to the users.

Your Thoughts

Do you have more ecommerce website design tips? Share with us in the comments below. We would love to hear them.

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