10 Smartest Social And Web Analytic Tools

Any website owner or blogger wants to know how their site is performing. An effective way to know about your traffic and its behavior is to have a good statistics package. We are talking about top 10 web analytic tools available ranging from free to paid ones. You can select the one which will work best for your business.

1. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool available today. It allows you to understand traffic patterns, traffic sources, search statistics and lots more. The data available is easy to understand for anyone. The biggest advantage of using Google Analytics is that it is available free of cost and is integrated with Google Adwords. This provides you a great way to track activities of your website.


2. Clicky
Clicky provides real time traffic information of your website. The main dashboard has a variety of website stats. It offers an action metrics and search data that provides a list of incoming search keywords that brought users to your website. It is very easy to install and automatically feeds your website with keywords people are using to access it. It comes with an interesting feature called Twitter Search Tracking to monitor Twitter tags, keywords and retweets.

3. Woopra
Woopra is a popular web analytics tool that helps you track page views, events and learn about your users. It provides information about conversion funnels, customer activities and comes with a live chat features that you can actually talk with your customers while they are on your website. The price ranges from free to $199 per month, depending on the size of your website.

4. KISSmetrics
KISSmetrics is an easy to install tool and allows you to track the movement of individual visitors throughout the website. If offers a “Timeline View” of visitor activity in an easy to understand format. It offers a great system to get to know your visitors. You can try this service free for a period of 30 days and thereafter, plans start for $149 a month.

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5. CrazyEgg
CrazyEgg offers a lot of creative ways to see how users are navigating on your website. Heatmap shows a picture of where people clicked on your site while scrollmap shows how far down the page visitors’ scroll your page. With confetti, you can distinguish the clicks by referral sources, search terms and more. It is a powerful web analytics tool to get a visual representation of all clicks on your website.

6. Chartbeat
Chartbeat provides real-time data about user-content interaction to help you make quick and right decisions. They keep a constant watch on your visitors and provide you with the information you need. You can get a free month when you sign up and after that, plans start at $9.95 per month.

7. Mint
Mint analytics is one of the best tools and comes with an upfront fee of $30 per site, with no recurring costs afterwards. It displays the total page views and lets you make adjustments to make it more compatible for your use. Comes with tons of free add-ons!

8. FoxMetrics
This web analysis tool allows you to use metrics that you require. It also allows you to track events like software installations, newsletter views etc. It provides comprehensive information about your customers. It is quite inexpensive as compared to other applications.

9. AWStats
AWStats is considered as one of the most amazing web analysis tools on the web. It defines a user on the basis of the user agent and IP address. It tells you the number of hits you have on your website, including unique visitors. It also provides details about origin of traffic. Its feature called as Server Side can effectively process Raw Log files. It offers you all the useful tools you expect from a web analysis package.

10. TrueSocial Metrics
When you want to know about social media metrics, this is the right tool to consider. It is a great investment that lets you calculate your social media marketing ROI. This helps you to make educated decisions about what type of content is performing best across your social media platforms. The basic version is available free of cost.



These are just some of the best web analytics tools. The tool you select depends on what you are trying to measure, your budget and your website specific needs.

Are you using or have used any of the above mentioned tools? Or do you use some other web analytics tool? Let us know in the comment section below!