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Live Wire Gravity Based Game

A must have gravity defying 3D adventure game that will keep you entertained for long. This fast paced game is addictive and adventurous.

You have a mission to take control over your flight and fly between two worlds covered with live wires running at either side of the worlds. You will face many obstacles, so to help you with your flight you can collect power boosts of different types, shields and coins to complete the mission without being destroyed.

The gravitational force will try to pull your plane to their sides, so lets see if you can keep up with that and manage to explore the two worlds where no one else could reach and score higher and higher.

Key Features:

  • High quality and smooth graphics with 3D subject
  • Custom 3D flight selection
  • Endless flight mode
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Interactive in game tutorial to learn while you play
  • Convenient shop to exchange coins for boosts and shields

Live Wire Game

Click here to Download on your Windows Phone Device