10 Unique Ways to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

Everyone seems to be on LinkedIn today but are you actually generating leads? Imagine if you receive an ongoing flood of industry-specific leads, how would your business look? It would be pretty astonishing, isn’t it? You may feel like a clear winner with all of those leads.


Now, the question arises that how to generate leads on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a powerful business networking site and is the topmost platform when wanting to attract the best leads for your business.

In this post, you’ll find the best ways to attract leads:

1. Keep track of your connections
With improved and new features of LinkedIn, you can keep track of your connections as well as alerts and tags. Alerts let you know when your contacts have a noteworthy event happening. You can send a quick note to them and it’s a great way to keep in touch.

2. Regularly post updates
Spend a minute each day posting an “Update” to your network. Your post will be displayed on the feed of all connections. You can also share a link to an article that is relevant to your prospects. Add value and never sell while posting updates!

3. Write a concise summary
While updating your profile with details about you and your company – don’t just copy and paste the “about” section of your website. Use concrete details like achievements of your company to show people how your business is flourishing by leaps and bounds.

4. Manage messages in your inbox
Much like Facebook, you can see messages from any shared connections in your inbox. Unlike Facebook, you can reply to the request without acceptance. This option comes handy when you need to ask a question before accepting the request. When it comes to sending messages, you can send it up to 50 people. Use tags and lists as a quicker way to find connections! Make sure that you reply to your customers’ queries timely.


5. Make announcements
When you want to generate leads via LinkedIn, a simple way to bring out interest is make an announcement for your products or services. It is an effective option of keeping your audience updated about your business so that they keep coming back in future for more information.

6. Follow your current clients as well as prospects
Take out a few minutes each day and look for top prospects for your business. Find out whether they have a company page, follow it and keep a track.

7. Join Relevant Groups
Some groups are full of spam, while there are many which are valuable for your business. So, join and participate in LinkedIn Groups related to your industry. Do a little research and think about your goals to find a group that will help you in reaching your prospects. To find groups, go to the Groups Page on LinkedIn and search for a topic. If you don’t find the required one, create it!

8. Share Infographics
Infographics are a latest trend to share information with potential customers and business partners on LinkedIn. They are visually appealing and are easy to read and understand. Infographics have the power to simplify your message and provide instant statistics without any unwanted hassles and discomforts.

9. Obtain Referrals
A proven way to help generate leads is via referrals. When your customers leave referrals and comments on your LinkedIn Account, it adds credibility to your business. Referrals are the best ways to get quality leads.

10. Use LinkedIn Ads
You can also make use of advertisements through LinkedIn to better serve your targeted segment of customers. LinkedIn ads are a good way to generate new leads for your business.
If you have had success in generating leads from LinkedIn, share your views via our comment section and your success story will be helping others that read this post.