11 Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins

You’ve done all the work of website design, but without a contact form you are missing a great way to connect with your readers. Contact Form offers you immense opportunities to generate new leads.

Here’s a look at some of the best Contact Forms for WordPress.

1) Contact Form 7
Contact Form 7 is all-time favorite plugin of many developers. It’s easy to use and configure. It can manage multiple contact form and you can also customize it. It supports Ajax-powered submitting, Aksimet and CAPTCHA spam filtering.

• Available in multiple languages
• Contact form can be embedded on any page
• Simple but flexible
• Although it’s a popular plugin, its UI may seem daunting to non-developers
• Does not support data storage. Requires an additional extension named “Contact Form DB” that saves submitted form data to the database and provides short codes to display it.

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2) Contact Form
The Contact Form plugin allows you to conveniently implement a feedback form to a web-page or a post. Just active the plugin and insert shortcode into the text and you’re done.


• Easy to setup, no additional settings required
• Ability to change a label when fields are displayed
• You can add a field for file attachment.
• Need to install additional plugins such as captcha, updater etc.
• Multiple contact forms feature is not in-built
• Does not support data storage. Requires an additional extension named “Contact Form DB” that saves submitted form data to the database and provides short codes to display it.

3) Jetpack Contact Form
Jetpack supercharges your WordPress site with powerful features. It creates simple, akismet-backed contact forms. You can add a contact form to any page, add or reorder fields, prevent spam comments, add redirect links, and customize the form appearance.


• Create multiple contact forms
• Create your own custom fields
• Feedback management area allows you to manage messages sent to you.
• You cannot include CAPTCHA for better security
• It does not include JQuery and AJAX for form submission without reloading of page
• Modifying the structure of form is not possible.
• No data storage support itself. Need to use Contact Form DB extension to save the data in this plugin.

4) Custom Contact Forms
It is one of the most customizable contact form plugins out there. It allows you to create custom “Thank You” pages after submission of form.

• Create an unlimited number of forms and you can also set a different destination email for each.
• Set required fields and optional fields.
• Enable CAPTCHA or “Are Your Human?” spam comment blocking support.
• Customize size, colors, backgrounds, and more for contact forms.
• Supports data storage
• Issues in getting it worked properly
• When creating a Style, it sends user to 404 page.

5) Easy Contact Forms
Easy Contact Forms is a simple solution to providing visitor friendly contact forms. It has various contact form field types and field customization tools.


• Multiple contact form management
• Easy to use GUI
• Anti-spam protection
• No response for queries
• Poor customer support

6) Fast Secure Contact Form
An easy contact form builder that lets your visitors send you emails. It easily creates and adds forms to your WordPress.

• Includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support to block spammers
• Sends a meeting request to talk over phone or video
• You can add extra fields of any type in the form
• It does not save the data itself (although it saves emails to WordPress database) and needs extra extension called “Contact Form DB”

7) Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms offers you the complete solution for adding forms to your website. It is the most up-to-date WordPress plugin available. It comes with an awesome set of features. It goes far beyond the simple contact form.


• Comes with tons of add-ons that make nearly anything possible
• Create subscriptions, directories, polls, invoices and much more.
• It comes with the option to create order forms and conditional fields
• Supports data storage
• Expensive
• When you need simple contact form, there’s no need to spend money on this plugin.

8) Contact Form Manager
It has a broad appeal and you can choose from a wide range of form elements. The plugin includes sending an auto-reply as well as redirecting the user upon form submission. It has built-in spam protection and includes everything you want in a simple webform.


• Create and manage multiple customized contact forms
• Supports a wide range of contact form elements
• Supports auto responder and flexible redirection options
• Does not save the data into WordPress database

9) Visual Form Builder
Build beautiful, fully functional contact forms with Visual Form Builder. It manages all kinds of forms for your website at a single place. It has a drag and drop solution to re-order the fields.


• Special features like export entries to a CSV file, customized confirmation messages
• Simple and effective logic-based anti-spam system
• jQuery form validation
• Saves data into WordPress database
• Stores form entries in your WordPress database
• Large websites consider using other plugin

10) Slick Contact Forms
Now, create contact forms with ease with this amazing plugin. It handles multiple forms per page. The plugin also includes shortcodes, which allows adding text link to your content to open/close the contact form.


• Each individual form can be customized via widget control panel
• User-friendly way to create great contact forms
• Limited features in terms of personalization
• Each form includes up to 3 text input fields and one text area
• Doesn’t support data storage feature

11) Contact Form Maker
It is a simple contact form builder which can be easily used by user with almost no knowledge of programming. It handles unlimited number of fields and has seven elements for creating forms.


• Simple and easy to manage backend interface
• Equally fits the needs of novice and seasoned developers
• Has cross-browser compatibility
• Supports data storage feature
Lots more!

There is a no dearth of contact form options, and this list helps you to choose the right contact form for your website.
Which contact form plugin do you use for your website? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section below!

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