7 Common Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

Copywriting has been leaving its mark on the web – and is showing signs of growing up. Everyone makes mistakes in writing copy even the professionals. While the list of common copywriting mistakes is comprehensive, we have listed some of the most common copywriting mistakes that you must avoid.


Common Copywriting Mistakes

Mistake #1:

Headlines or Titles

You could have probably the best content out there, but with a poor or boring heading, you’ll not get traffic. Use powerful headline with catchy phrases/words otherwise you’ll have a community of disappointed readers.

Mistake #2:

You don’t have a plan

You started the journey without a goal and what will happen? You’ll soon get yourself lost. Create a well-defined messaging strategy that guides all your copywriting. A good roadmap helps you to stay focused on your key messages.

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Mistake #3:

You are too focused on yourself/your website

People come across your content to get something for them. If you can’t answer their question that what’s in it for me in a matter of seconds, they are gone. Don’t start the copy with writing about features of your products or history of your company. Provide valuable information to what they are looking for. Make them realize how you can make their life better.

Mistake #4:

Being too formal or boring

Here, the purpose of your copywriting is to connect with the prospects and keep them engaged. Copy should be simple, punchy, and written like you’re having face-to-face conversation. Avoid bad grammar, misspellings, and overuse of acronyms in your copywriting.


Mistake #5:

Forgetting about your target audience

When you’re writing about your products or services, make sure that the needs of targeted segment of buyers are always considered. The purpose of your content is to engage potential buyers and if you fail to do that, there is no use of your copy.

Mistake #6:

Making it complicated

Copywriting is a creative and simple work. Do not complicate it by saying too much or trying too hard to impress. Most people do not use big words when they speak, and neither should your writing. Write as if you are talking to a prospect in front of you, and let the words come naturally instead of adding big adjectives and phrases in your copy.

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Mistake #7:

Weak call to action

Now, you have written some great copy. What next? Don’t expect people to know what to do with your information. Include a good CALL-TO-ACTION. Tell them where to click, ask them to call or include a good incentive. Use call to action buttons like “Click Here” or “Get Your Free Report.”

Avoid these common copywriting mistakes and happy writing!

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