7 Tips for Successful Online Video Marketing

Online video is gaining great strength in the internet marketing. The number of internet users who watch online videos is increasing at a rapid pace. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world with more than one billion unique users visit YouTube each month. The number of daily subscriptions at YouTube is up more than 4x since last year. According to comScore, a user is exposed to an average of 32.2 videos in a month. It’s vital for small businesses to include videos in the marketing campaign to reach the desired segment of audiences.


What should you do for successful online video marketing?

  1. Offer value

    The videos you offer need to include something valuable for the viewer. You should study about the questions that are frequently asked by your customers. There are also some questions that your clients should be asking but aren’t. Including answers to such types of questions via videos is a great way to engage with them and save their time and money.

  2. Demonstrate your products

    You should not create videos just for selling your products. It should show your customers how your product works. You can also include how-to guides in your videos. Showcase your knowledge and skills while continuing to grow your brand.

  3. Consider viewers’ needs

    Within a few seconds of the video, make it clear to the viewer how this video is beneficial for them. Online videos are great for engaging potential clients and the key is to provide them immediate value. Starting your video by providing a bottom line message is a proven way of generating leads and conversions.

  4. Keep the core message concise

    Your target audience has a short attention span. No one likes to watch long videos for run for many minutes. A beautiful, fast-loading and great designed online video is a great way to get your message across a wide range of audiences. Make sure that you keep the target audience in mind while delivering the videos quickly.


  5. Always include a call to action

    In this competitive world, you cannot miss a single opportunity to connect with your customers. You should ask some type of action at the end of the video. It can be signing up for newsletter, leaving a comment about video or visiting your blog. Do not miss a single opportunity to connect with your clients.

  6. Make use of testimonials

    You can also include videos of your fans that demonstrate how using your product or service solved their problem or improved their lives. The stories of real people have better impact on your marketing campaign.

  7. Enable comments

    Good videos go viral and are a great means of building brand awareness. Videos have a great potential for enhancing your online presence. Enable comments and encourage viewers to share your videos.


Videos are an efficient marketing tool that’s accessible to even those on a tight budget. With each video you publish, your confidence will increase and you’ll get better with creating online videos. Detailed analytics from the online videos helps you to determine which content, offers and locations are more effective with your video marketing initiatives.
Get started now and communicate your message and build your brand through online videos!

What’s your experience with online video marketing? How successful it has been in achieving your business goals? Share your views with us.

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