8 Awesome Shortcode Plugins for WordPress

Shortcode plugins for WordPress offer an excellent way to add professional looking elements to your pages or posts. There are many great plugins out there that are perfect for your site. Below is a good mix of free and premium shortcode plugins, so be sure to have a look at each of them!

Here comes our list of 8 awesome shortcodes plugins for WordPress:

1) Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is a WordPress plugin that comes with a mega pack of shortcodes. With this plugin, you’ll be able to create tabs, buttons, different sliders, responsive videos, and lots more. This powerful plugin allows you to quickly turn your free theme to premium in just a few clicks. It easily retrieves premium themes features and displays them on your site.

Cost: Free

screenshot-1 (63)

2) WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes is a free plugin that comes with a full set of elements. It offers a great way to add elements for your site such as sections, SEO-ready tabs, buttons, author cards, lists, and lots more. The plugin offers all common jQuery UI functionality as well. The UI tabs provide many different features like SEO compatible selection of active tab without needing JavaScript.

Cost: Free

screenshot-3 (8)
An example of creating message boxes with the shortcodes and the SlickPanel skin.

3) Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode plugin adds icons to WordPress editor and you can also add bootstrap style to the website by clicking tinyMCE editor icon. It is the simplest bootstrap style plugin available in the market today. It customizes grid size on small, extra-small and medium sized screens. You can have more control over the CSS, and can also add your own custom class to shortcodes.

Cost: Free


4) Shortcode

This plugin works to add several useful shortcodes that you can conveniently use in your blog posts and pages. Using this plugin is very easy. You just need to upload shortcode.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation, activate the plugin and here you go!

Cost: free

5) Shortcodes Pro

Shortcodes Pro is a free plugin that allows quick and easy creation of WordPress shortcode as well as TinyMCE rich editor buttons. It creates custom shortcodes from inside WordPress. It also allows hiding the Shortcodes Pro menu for a nice interface without any clutters. It accepts shortcode variables with automatically generated overlay windows.

Cost: Free

screenshot-3 (4)

6) Vision – WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to add a powerful set of shortcodes to any WordPress theme. This amazingly well-built product is added directly to your WordPress Content Editor when installed. The shortcodes include

  • Accordions
  • Drop Cabs
  • Pricing Boxes
  • Blog Posts
  • Highlight Text
  • Email Encoder
  • Social Icons
  • And lots more

Cost: $21 for regular license


7) Styles with Shortcodes

Styles with Shortcodes easily adds hundreds of different styles to your WordPress site or blog with Shortcodes. This powerful plugin lets you customize content faster and easier than ever before. You can also create your own shortcodes and share them with friends and other people.

Cost: $25 for regular license


8) GT Shortcodes

GT Shortcodes boosts your WordPress site with simple and awesome looking user interface elements in form of simple shortcodes. There are unlimited UI element possibilities when taking into consideration all the variations, styles, types and more.

Cost: $18 for regular license


Your Thoughts

What do you think about Shortcodes plugins? Which is your most preferred plugin when it comes to choosing shortcodes plugin for your blog or website? Share your views with us by commenting in the section below.