9 Strategies To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

If you’re serious about your business, you must need an email marketing campaign. Although many strike Email Marketing as old-fashioned and rely on social media and mobile marketing to get all the attention – but the reality is totally different. Email is still a powerful marketing approach and even works better than social media. The reason is fairly simple- the conversation moves to a more personal environment INBOX!

How to start growing email list?
If you’re not yet signed up for email marketing service providers, like Aweber, then do it right away. The company creates beautiful, mobile-optimized emails and has loads to stat-tracking. If you’re still using Feedburner by email, absolutely you’re missing out something very powerful of email marketing.

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Benefits are immense such as:
• Manage email lists
• Integrate forms and sign-ups on your website
• Track email analytics

How to optimize your marketing emails?

In order to convert leads from your email marketing, you first get your readers to open your emails and click through them. Here are some of the useful tips for strengthening your email marketing campaigns.

1. Test your subject line
Your subject line is what email recipients see before they open your email. An optimized subject line is a powerful tool to capture your audience’s attention. Make sure that the subject line is relevant to the targeted audience. Include the recipient’s first name or name of his company to personalize email. While writing subject lines, use actionable words like “download”, “get it free” or “join us today.”

2. Personalize your emails
When talking about personalization, it goes beyond addressing email to person’s first name. Segment your emails by geographic location and speak directly to particular group of consumers. You can also create groups based on gender, age, past purchases, interests etc. For example, if your product caters to a college age cohort of 18-24, then shoot out email only to the targeted segment.

3. Make your email messages stand out
Readers get lots of emails daily, so how do you make your messages unique? Make your message clear and brief, with a clear call to action. Emails need to be concise and compelling to increase the likelihood that your readers will click through to take advantage of your offer. You need to make sure that the body copy clearly conveys what your offer is.

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4. Persuade them with your words
Write naturally and be clear while explaining the subject. Explain implicitly what your offer is, why they should use it, and what benefits it comes with. You need to explain readers what will happen when they accept your offer.

5. Create visually interesting campaigns
The more visually interesting your campaign is; the more are the prospects of readers to stick around. Include good quality and fast loading graphics that support your overall message and avoid generic stock images.

6. Don’t waste your readers’ time
Make sure that your emails have quality content in an easy to understand format. Show the key points in subject line, and start with the points that readers want to read. Include your company name in the heading. Focus on short messages and cut down long-form text!

7. Optimize calls to action
Call to action – this is the component that fulfills the goal of your email. This is where the transition from a click to conversion occurs. Your call to action is the most important component of your email. Create call-to-action that stands out and catches the viewer’s eye. You can include multiple links and buttons throughout your email that all direct to the same landing page.

8. Provide means for social sharing
Email marketing service providers have made it incredibly easy to include social sharing links. Just add the social widgets and include appropriate links for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. You can also include an email forward link, to share your content with others.

9. Make unsubscribing easy
Don’t wait till the time your reader marks your email as spam, place the link to unsubscribing option in your email. Of course, it doesn’t mean it has to be prominent as your call to action, but don’t hide it.

Final Words

Understand the importance of your mailing list and pay emphasis on optimizing your emails. Email marketing campaigns are sure to offer you endless results!
What other email marketing strategies you use? Share with us.
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