Bing Adds Dynamic Carousel on Music Video Searches

Bing has strongly been working for the update for past several months. It has been working on a natural way for people to discover and browse music videos. The company is primarily working towards offering a different experience for searching videos. Bing recognized a very important factor “that when people search for music videos they tend to explore rather than finding what they are looking for and moving on.”


Bing has recently added snapshot features for food and drug search results and with this update, when users now perform a Bing video search for an artist, band or album, they will see a dynamic carousel featuring top songs related to the searching.

Bing illustrated that users can now explore further about a band’s discography without having to leave the search results page. When they browse by them, they will see the album’s song titles by clicking on the album image.

For example, when you search for Daft Punk, you will see top songs at the top of the page and you can start exploring without leaving the page.


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