Bing Ads Now Support Automated Rules

Bing ads team has released automated rules for the purpose of scheduling key management tasks. These rules will give you the ability to schedule and automate management actions.

Bing ads is slowly adding powerful tools to give advertisers the same experience that they have with Google.
The new Automate tab allows Bing users to avoid lots of manual work while settings for campaigns, ad groups, ad as well as keywords.

Advertisers are able to automate and schedule 13 different types of rules. One can customize an automate rule and choose to have the rule run on all campaigns, all campaigns or only the campaigns selected in the Campaigns tab.

To manage automated tasks, click on Automate and then Manage rules to edit existing rules. You can also view logs of rules that have run recently.

Here’s what you can automate:

Pause/Enable – campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords

These rules let you set particular ads or campaigns to be active for certain period of time. You can also use this feature to pause elements depending on their performance.

Change campaign budgets

You can set up a rule to automatically manage campaign budgets on the first of the month.

Change bids- ad group and keywords

Here comes a useful feature of this update by Bing. You can adjust Bing bids on five different criteria. For example, you can adjust bids based on amount of clicks and conversions of a keyword receives or on the basis of average position as well as CPA. Raise keyword bids to their top of page or first page bid estimates.

These rules help you to ensure that you get full visibility on top terms. When you launch new keywords, it is essential to see fluctuations with bid estimates. When you are managing an account with many keywords, Bing now makes it easy to look these statuses.

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