DuckDuckGo Resigned Search Results

DuckDuckGo community has grown substantially with an ever-increasing number of users. DuckDuckGo celebrated 1 billion searches in 2013 just a few months ago. Now, on an average about 5 million queries are made per day. DuckDuckGo bills itself as “the search engine that doesn’t track you.” This sounds tempting! DuckDuckGo doesn’t store your previous searches, and it doesn’t present personalized search results. This frees users from the filter bubble.

This is now the home page looks:

CEO of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, introduced a beautiful redesign complete with contextual information. The new version focuses on providing smarter answers to the queries of users. It comes with a more refined and polished look. In the announcement, DuckDuckGo said. “Now, we’d like to show you how we’ve incorporated your feedback with a reimagined and redesigned DuckDuckGo.” Here’s a sample query for green day videos:


With new version, you can explore places in a carousel format, images and lots more. DuckDuckGo now returns videos, images, local places, to offer most relevant results. It keeps its focus solely on search. The search engine has also given a button “Give Feedback” at the right corner of the screen. It is seeking user feedback before full launch of the new design.

  • DuckDuckGo announced that it is in beta and some known issues include:
  • –not all settings work yet and the setting page itself is getting an overhaul
  • –not all instant answers work yet and some have not yet been redesigned
  • –IE8 is functional though not fully cleaned up yet

It also gives sample queries to help you get started:


Some of the notable changes are the text links, the search results themselves and how they are displayed. The team at DuckDuckGo suggests that one should make the search engine default to test it and this can easily be done on the bottom of the main page. To learn more about DuckDuckGo community, you can refer to the about page which include details about its formation.

DuckDuckGo redesign – Annoying or Appealing? How are you finding the new version of DuckDuckGo? Do you like it? Or does it annoy you? Do you want DuckDuckGo to fully launch it or the previous version was far better? What are your thoughts on this story?

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