Everything You Want To Know About Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards allows members to earn credit for searching via Bing or checking out new features or doing other tasks. Bing Rewards are tracked through a credit counter on your browser and that appears in top right corner of any page. One can also download Bing Bar, which has a Bing Rewards button and credit counter.

The program is free to participate and you should have a residential United States address and age of above 13 years. One person can have one Bing Rewards account and one household cannot have more than five accounts.

Earning Bing Rewards Credits

When one searches from a desktop, he gets 1 credit for every 2 searches with the daily earning limit of 15 credits. On searching from mobile, the credits one gets in same but daily earning limit is of 10 credits instead of 15. You can earn up to a total of 25 credits per day from searches. Almost every search counts for credit except for searches made on Bing Maps, Bing Help and Bing Blogs.

A good way to earn credits is through referrals. A friend that you refer and create his Bing Rewards Account, you will earn bonus of 150 credits when your friend reaches Silver status. The maximum limit is 5 friends per account and thus, earning whopping 750 credits for your account.

Loyalty Levels

The accounts can be one of three tiers and all are free:

The first tier is Member and here, members get credits for using Bing for their searches and daily offers. All new accounts start here and are not limited or restricted in any way.


When a member completes the Welcome to Rewards tour and redeems his first reward and has earned 200 lifetime credits, the account becomes Silver. Bing Rewards Silver members get a 50 credit bonus.


This is the highest Bing Rewards level and one attains this tier when he has earned 750 lifetime credits and is performing 150 qualifying searches on Bing every month. This level unlocks a 10% credit discount when redeeming rewards.

Redeeming Credits

Bing Rewards allows you to redeem your credits in three ways: Shop, Win or Donate.

Gift Cards:

When you have accumulated 525 credits, you can redeem them for $5 gift cards of stores like Amazon, Domino’s, Sephora and more. For Gold status members, they just need 475 credits.

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Various subscriptions are available for services such as Skype, Hulu and others. The credits for these subscriptions range from 300 to 700.


You can donate your credits to one of Microsoft’s partnered charities such as Kids In Need and Teach for America etc.

Bing has made it fairly simple to let users participate in their rewards program. Give a shot to Bing Rewards. Browse through the several rewards and then work to get enough credits to get them. It’s easy to get started with Bing Rewards.

What are your views about Bing Rewards? Do you use them or consider using them? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!